Accelerated ageing

Before my injury in 2018 I went from having zero grey hairs and good skin to looking old as fuck, you could say I looked younger than my age, I now have a head covered in greys including my beard and my face looks like a dried out raisin. This is not a normal part of the ageing process, this is ageing happening at a disturbing increased rate. It makes sense if tissues including the brain are being starved from vital hormones that it would cause advanced ageing. I literally look like a heroin user.


I look at pictures of myself before PFS and I look like a different person. I’ve often thought of PFS as an aging process. When we lowered our DHT with fin to the body it looks very much like when Testosterone decreases due to aging. Makes sense that some of the physical changes to the body from each process would be the same. Can’t believe fin is still legal.


Same, sunken face my jaw completely receded and although I no longer lose hair anymore since I crashed the hairs have turned very thin and straw like and almost red in color and my skin is like sand paper it’s fucking awful I look at the old photos of myself and I’m not even the same person.


Only hope I can give you guys with this symptom is that my skin literally began to recover over night during my temporary recoveries. So if there is ever a cure for pfs or you manage to recover all the damage sustained should reverse.


I’ve aged two decades in less than 4 years and it continues. I’d get the eye off women regularly. Not even the granginas look at me now my face and my frame have been destroyed as well as my personality and brain. You never realise how fortunate you are until its ripped from you. As @Toughluck24 says with a cure it will return. We’ll be known as the Peter Pan crew. Keep hope.


We look like we feel. I run around like a bum. Unwashed, only cut up clothes, like junkie Style. My eyes have dark cycles and my view is weird.

And before:

The two Ryan’s and me in our best times we all had a stunning fiancee and walking through any boulevard we all have had a number of nice women after one evening!

Now we look f…cked up.

It had for sure an impact for me. Just a few would notice the change but if you compare pictures from a few years (even one year) ago you can see the difference.

Contact me if you want to exchange pictures. I am curious to see how much it changed and if we have similarities.

I feel the same way, but wondering if it’s more physical or mental

Yeah, sadly this is the case for me too. I developed wrinkles, particularly around my eyes, in less than 2 years with PFS by the age of 25. I remember looking at my friends thinking it was insane how much different our wrinkles/ageing marks were.

The saving grace I had was my beard. Nice and thick, and very dark, so it gave me a nice identifying characteristic and helped with my self esteem. I’ve noticed now I’m greying in parts of my beard at only age 30, which is pretty uncommon, so I’ve resorted to natural hair dyes for it.

God, this disease knows no fucking bounds does it.

As @Toughluck24 said though, once we figure this thing out, it could very well be the case that these changes reverse overnight. I like to think that I’ll be the most handsome, fit and full of life motherfucker there ever was once we figure this out :smiley:


I was 63 when I used Proscar, and until then I felt ageless. I felt like I was in my 30’s, with years of enjoyable life ahead.

Within a few months PFS started to take its toll. My side effects are listed elsewhere, but it seems I am in accelerated aging mode.

I no longer feel young and alive. Now in my 4th year of PFS, I have the energy and life of an 80 year old. My muscles are wasted, strength is gone. I go to bed nightly unsure if I will awaken.

I am sure this poison caused the aging process to accelerate. I am dying proof. Jim

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This reminds of me when @Dubya_B told me he has a real life acquaintance that took iso in 1978 during clinical trials who still has issues today. I almost wish I didn’t know that because it is beyond disturbing to think this can persist 43 years.

I deeply respect this guy for having the courage to come forward, knowing well enough there is some sort of confidentiality agreement that needs signed in order to participate. I requested information from my local research center about participating in clinical trials for other unrelated issues and they said I would not be allowed to speak publicly, spoken or written.


He hasn’t spoken publicly about it. Only shared with me that he took the same drug during a clinical trial in the late 70s, developed fatigue and spider veins around the same time, and was eventually diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

I’m also not so sure these gag orders are for life, but are meant to prevent participants from speaking to the media before a drug is approved. In any case, it can be argued a potential threat to public health supersedes a gag order. Not sure how well that argument would hold up in a US court though.


Never mind!

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More likely they’re not effective or have to much side effects.

The medical field is not as advanced as we tend to think and the body is way more complex than most people anticipate.

If a company could produce a cure for some disease they probably would. They’d make bank even if the total sales would decrease over time.

Something that comes to mind are modern Hepatitis C drugs, they actually cure the disease but are extremely expensive.

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Antivirals, antifungal, and antibiotics are known to cure infections, true, but they do not address the underlying issue that allowed the infection to gain a foothold, whether that be a weak immune system or whatever. If unfixed, a new infection could surface.

I don’t know if it’s due to genes, a very healthy lifestyle enforced by PFS or the very nature of PFS, but I feel like I’ve stopped time. I had a crash in 2012, I am now 33 and people don’t give me more than 26-27 years. In extreme cases they give me 22-23 (and no, I don’t have a baby face). I see this especially from my peers (another thing is that most people eat nasty and drive fundamentally poorly). The other thing is that if my condition worsens, I get overtired, or I loosen my dietary rigor, I start to look like a damaged 35 year old.

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Jesus two years…it took me two days. Granted I’d used fin for decades prior so probably a factor. Now in addition to wrinkles I’m getting lesions. And nothing heals…every sore, spot, and broken capillary I’ve gotten in six months of PFS is still there.

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