About to go on HCG

About to go on HCG, any advice?

It’s been over 3 years now, and I’ve had enough, did not want to start getting this extreme (wanted to stay away from just about everything since Rogaine messed me up) hoping time would heal me

But I’m desperate and now at a point of willing to try anything out

HCG successfully increased my free testosterone from 200 to 900 (normal range was 250-700).

My suggestion would be to be careful of high estrogen at higher dosages. I would suggest dosing 1500 IU per week split across 3 injections to start (500 IU per injection).

Get bloods tested in 3 weeks, make sure you test for estrogen. Use a low dose AI if needed.

If you don’t see any improvements from HCG after 3 months, I would suggest coming off HCG, you should return to your current levels after HCG is ceased.

Good luck and feel free to ask questions

Any benefit as a result?

@orthogs Unfortunately no improvement in symptoms whatsoever, I suspect I fall in the class of PFS victims with silenced Androgen Receptors.

I am now off HCG and am following protocols that attempt to “reactivate” my ARs

Once positive is my free test increased from 200 to 300 after the HCG trial

I’m sorry to hear. I wonder if there really are two distinct classes of PFS patients though.

There definitely is, the responders to hormone therapy and the none responders.

Yeah maybe worth a shot to try hcg. Low dose, find an endo willing to work with you.