About the Connecting category

Welcome to the connecting category.

If you are looking to connect with local PFS patients, please create a topic in this category and use the “Add Location” button to attach your local city/area so others near you can reach out.

When making a topic in this category, please briefly describing your situation and what you are looking for. Use the “Add Location” button to share your city/area. This will be viewable on an integrated map. Others viewing the topic may then choose to reach out via private message to establish contact. This new subcategory is solely for this purpose, and features a global map of PFS patients who have to shared their rough location and wish to reach out to others. Members can use this to easily locate existing patients near them and make contact via PM.

Please note: Do not share specific home addresses, real names or contact details publicly when creating or replying to a topic in this category.

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