About researchs!

I see many people on this forum talking about research. Does anyone who has as close contact with the researchers as possible know if the research has already started or not yet?

The publication list about pfs:

But the best thing is not to contact the researchers because they only report to the people who initiated the project until they publish their conclusions in a science magazine.

From the team we get every update in the webinars.

All the emails to Baylor and Melcangi when they will present a cure or telling them all the weird theories generated only stress for the researchers.

And theories and treatments discussed in the forums and chats sometimes as weird and totally insane as a cynical persiflage of a severe disease.

thank you

Be aware that the current study is run but the PFS Network (not the foundation) - you can read more here -

You can also join a quarterly webinar to learn more - https://www.pfsnetwork.org/webinars (this quarter’s webinar just happened, but sign up for the mailing list to be notified of future ones.)