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I have to say that i had to crashes, the second one was when i took ritalin for 4 days. That’s when veins started to appear in my penis, and it became fibrotic. Then also appeared the dark circles under my eyes and the dry skin. Ritalin is a dopamine reuptake inhibitor, which i used to take when i was younger, and this year i decided to take again because of the brain fog.
It’s curious that also “youngbuck21” mentions that he crashed after taking another dopamine reuptake inhibitor (wellbutrin), and he also had a big crash.
It’s just something that make me think about the real role of dopamine (or dopamine receptors) in all this.

Dopamine is likely low in all of us, due to increased turnover into norepinephrine.

Norepinephrine causing the vasoconstriction and spider veins many of us see in our penis.

This is something I am discussing with my doctor in the next appt.

Yeah; even though everyone has came away from the brain and neurotransmitters i still suspect it. I am just sick of going around in circles.

I have had brief recoveries after getting very drunk, as have others. I think dopamine or other brain chemicals played a part in such situations.


Since a lot of people crashed after masturbating a lot a one person crashed after a dopamine reuptake inhibitor, maybe it was too much dopamine that did it for us?

I read somewhere that someone recovered after taking antidepressants “Conversely, administration of antipsychotics impair orgasm, by blocking postsynaptic dopamine receptors (see Komisaruk et al., 2006).”

Maybe this will be helpful? Any thoughts?

Insightful post mate.

Can you recall the username of the person that recovered using anti depressants?

I don’t really know, but i think it’s the same that happens with androgens: we have symptoms of androgen deprivation, but when someone tries TRT or Arimidex, things get worse. We have symptoms of low dopamine, but when me and youngbuck21 used a dopamine reuptake inhibitor, things got extremely worse. I don’t really know what to make of all this, but it’s something to think about.

It would not be exessive dopamine that is the issue. I think we would love to have high dopamine…then we would actually have motivation and libido.

Dopamine gets turned over into norepinephrine. Crashing after masterbating would be because of a surge of norepinephrine which gets turned over from dopamine. That means less dopamine.

So then you have double sided effect of high norepi plus low dopamine.

Sides of over use of adderall are just like what we have.

Vasoconstriction of penis
Low libido

Most ampetamines do this to an extent.

Not sure if this thread (viewtopic.php?f=23&t=4481&hilit=dopamine+receptors) is of any value to you gents, but I did some posting on dopamine receptors a while back.

I wish i had read your thread before going on ritalin.

The users “Boston” took Adderall and someone else has taken crystal meth. It’s interesting and apparent in his hyper manic posts that something is going on, see this for example:


Then he tapers off.

Has anyone heard of Ibogaine? It’s not legal here in the states, but it is in a handful of other countries. From what I understand, it basically “resets” the dopamine receptors in the brain. It’s used to treat hard drug addiction and withdrawal. I stumbled upon when scouring the internet for ways to reset receptor sites. It made me curious as to whether or not it could help us “reset” our brains receptor sites and improve some of our sides.

Perhaps normalize our dopamine levels?

It is however a pretty serious drug, and I would assume dangerous. But I’m curious as to whether anyone else has thought it could potentially* help.


fixthis -

I had not heard of ibogaine; I do know that antipsychotics can increase dopamine receptors and sensitivity. However, antipsychotic meds are no walk in the park. The theory I’ve come across that currently intrigues me most involves the ability of Gaba to increase dopamine receptor sensitivity. A poster on the MindandMuscle.com forum actually indicated that he was going to attempt to beat a long-term depression (that he felt was induced by prescriptions used as a teenager) by using Gaba-centric medications to upregulate his dopamine receptors. I tried to e-mail the poster, but the initial post was from a few years ago and he has not responded.

While I do believe androgen insensitivity (AI) likely plays a role in a number of sufferers’ symptoms, I have been focusing my efforts on neurochemical and neuroplastic/brain-based solutions as 1) I think this is where my problems primarily lie, and 2) the people working on the androgen insensitivity theory are at a point where I cannot provide significant assistance. My theories shouldn’t be taken as contradictory to AI theory, but rather as a complementary or parallel theory.

moonman -

Can you give some more detail into why/how increased norepinephrine levels would produce increased penis veins but not in other body parts (i.e. spider veins in legs)? I’m not discounting your statement, but if this is plausible, I would like to see if it would fit into an overarching theory involving neurotransmitters.

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Not 100% sure, but I would say through increased blood pressure and peripheral vasoconstriction at the same time. I personally have had some spider veins appear on my inner ankle before my penis.

There are anecdotal reports of adderall causing spider veins in the penis by some men.

Adderall works by increasing norepinephrine.


I would agree that Ibogaine, as well as other antipsychotics, does’t sound like its easily tolerated, but could have some beneficial effects. I dont know much about it, so I wanted to post and see if anyone else some info.

I too am intrigued by GABA and its effects on the brain. Do you think something like Phenibut could be the catalyst for change that you’re talking about? Ithappens and Paulwaters both seemed to have great results from GABA related treatments (Xyrem and GHB respectively). But from what I remember, it appeared as thought they were indirectly addressing a problem with their adrenals. None-the-less, both benefited greatly from their treatments. Are there any other ways to influence GABA than those that have already been posted?