Abilify positive effect on libido

Hey guys,
I’m sorry my English is bad but I’ll try to get to the point

2 weeks ago I was prescribed abilify for sever panic attacks I had bad reaction with it ( agitations and 0% erection )

But libido was sky rocket which is weird I even had a wet dream while on it.
My erection came back and agitation stoped after stopping it but libido diminished

I was wondering if there something works the same way with less sides

you experienced that due the abilify mechanism on 5ht1a and 5ht2a
try buspirone, i had huge libido on it.

I see too much confidence in your statement. Because abilify does a lot of things and you can’t differentiate what caused improvements. It might be d2 receptor upregulation or anything else.

Why did you stop taking it, if I may ask?

I don’t know man it was my experience
It felt great though but ED was really bad couldn’t get it up at all

Thanks man, I might give it a try
But how long did it take to work for you?

Thanx for sharing your experience. This further proves that dopamine is essential regarding libido. Typically, most drugs that boost dopamine have vasoconstriction as a side effect, which might explain your ED. You could counter this using a pde5 inhibitor like cialis.

cause i needed to clean all drugs and supplements to know what was doing good or not.
even with rocking libido while on buspirone, i have also mental, immune, and physical symptoms so i had to do a reset of everything i was taking.

I have plans to go for buspirone again.

Fair enough. Please let us know if it continues to have that effect.

i can affirm that both times, the effect has been strong. Would keep long term? don’t know.

Was it prescribed for anxiety? Not sure if a doctor would willingly give it to me to trial.

Hey man, just wanted to let you know I took 1 pill yesterday and the same ED happened
Looks like any dopamine booster does the same for me.
Didn’t feel much different in libido, I know I have to give it time but the ED is honestly scary.
Thanks for your advice anyway

Doctors prescribe it for anxiety and for reverse SSRI sexual dysfunction.
Also sonetimes as an adjuvant for depression.

If is not your case, 2 options, lie to fit a diagnostic or just tell him your situation.

Look here the opinions

buspirone raised libido in my case after 2-4 days at least. Is not immediately.

About your ED, i don’t know man, i can’t find any cause related to buspirone now.