A Warning of what doing nothing can cause

If we don’t at least attempt to fix this and just wait we could have severe problems, no one has seen the long term effects if we are 30 years with PFS. A lot of people talk about how we could have estrogen dominance even though are test results don’t reflect this. I know this relates to women but it should maybe be something we keep an eye on I know someone who is a man that got breast cancer it’s not on heard of.

elevated estrogen levels are a risk factor for breast cancer and ovarian cancer . According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), estrogen dominance can also increase your risk of endometrial cancer . High levels of estrogen may put you at higher risk of blood clots and stroke elevated estrogen levels are a risk factor for breast cancer and ovarian cancer . According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), estrogen dominance can also increase your risk of endometrial cancer . High levels of estrogen may put you at higher risk of blood clots and stroke


So what are you suggesting?

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I’d be more worried about early stage dementia not breast cancer.


@Papasmurf dimentia symptoms are prevalent then there’s Robin W

I’m not sure this is Estrogen dominance , if anything i think Estrogen isn’t being processed correctly and is causing a great number of the symptoms we suffer.

I would guess, after living with this for a year now and listening to my body - it’s more to do with damaged receptors for testosterone, estrogen and progesterone etc rather than having low levels of a certain one. That’s why blood tests mostly come back normal and no further investigations are done by GPs!


estrogen is works very synergistically with testosterone, providing tons of cardioprotection and neuroprotection. estrogen is also a positive modulator of 5-ht and dopamine. The higher incidence of strokes with estrogen is due to the water retentive properties of estrogen, so if you have high BP stop eating sodium and drink more water.

unless you’re growing tits like a women don’t think for a second that estrogen is bad


Trump has had it for a while and he seems fine even with insomnia. Accutane ppl have had since the 70’s.

Main concern for dying is suicide ideation, and if you’re aware of PFS it will help you avoid that during the first year so you’ll be fine. All that’s left to worry about is deciding to keep living with the side effects. I question it all the time,

My issue WAS estrogen and I fixed my PFS with TRT. I just dialed in my hormones. Normal estrogen tests would say I was normal and it wasn’t until I had a doctor run an ultra sensitive E2 test that I figured out my estrogen was too low. I’ve been preaching this for a long time and you would be amazed at how many people have chatted me with low estrogen. Someone chatted me 2 weeks ago on aromasin pills and his E2 was under 10. You will kill yourself if you stay that low for too long. Sadly estrogen is not everyone’s issue in here but I know it is many. General practitioner doctors don’t normally test E2 and if they do they run the wrong test. If you go to any TRT forum they will always tell you to get an ultra sensitive test. High estrogen is ok as long as your testosterone to estrogen ratio is good. My ultra sensitive test always came out around 16 during my PFS years and my testosterone was 350ish. Free T was low. After TRT I’m about 800 with high free T and my estrogen is about 48 reading high. I feel great, amazing morning erections after none for years. The dick hangs low again like when I was 18. Ran 6 miles today and I literally feel like I could go run again at 11pm! TRT is the shit!

I post this all the time but its produced by doctors who actually take TRT and explains why not to worry about estrogen. AND The video is backed up by multiple links to actual scientific studies

You usually find high estrogen in the obese which is already a risk factor for cancers


Very interesting.

What are your thoughts on HCG? One guy recently recovered with that.

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My doctor uses HCG only For many guys with these issues as a trial first. HCG increases your both estrogen and testosterone but increases your E2 in a lot bigger way. Testosterone increases estrogen also just by nature but HCG adds fuel to the E2 train. (AIs don’t block the way HCG increases your estrogen So it’s hard to dial it in for many). On testosterone with HCG I have estrogen dominance issues but HCG also increases my libido like crazy. I have not figured out yet if I can get the same libido spike if I just add in More T and I’m experimenting. I usually only inject hcg for a vacation where I’m going to be having sex all day or I do it every few months to keep my balls from shrinking but I eventually start having weird eye issues and retain water and fatigue. In hindsight I wish I had tried only HCG first but now I’m happy in testosterone. Let’s be honest If you can legally get on testosterone it’s the holy grail going into middle age. My body has transformed In 3 years until I’m more fit then at 18. It’s like injecting magical youth And happy serum. I used to want to sleep in the afternoon By 5pm and now I feel like going to a gym or running. It drives you to get your body back and to seek sex haha. Some theorize it can increase risks for future heart attacks or strokes but I think it’s Bull shit. I’m 10x more active and more healthy and more happy on TRT. If I die at 78 instead of 88 I don’t care. I’m going out like a rock star. I’ve seen my hunched over 90 yo grandfather and his little walker. He can’t even read anymore. I’ll risk the TRT thank you


Ditto. Estrogen dominance theory of everything is preposterous. I’ve came across myriad of blood tests shared by forum members demonstrating low estrogen, if anything. I think it’s the metabolism and/or delicate ratios of estrogens to androgens that’s the issue. Inflammatory issues were also rampant in my case. Chronic inflammation knocked out my adrenals and without functional adrenals forget sex drive, wellbeing, digestion, cognition, etc. This is all connected and way too complex!

That being said, my cupboard and fridge are stuffed with thousands worth of supplements. I’ve grown up tired of experimenting V-W-X-Y-Z for years despite the temporary remissions. I’ve given up on most supplements already except for the essential minority.

Ironically, I had a bloodwork done via standard assay that revealed extremely low E2 of ~10pg/ml and the doctor was like “:+1: congrats, you’re macho man”. I wanted to punch him :facepunch: in the face! What a schmuck!

I’d guess mine would turn out even lower on a sensitive assay.

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I think the issue may be down to receptors for some of us.

My E2 levels are normal at 30.
Right now, I’m getting cracking joints and my shoulders are hurting. I think maybe my body isn’t metabolizing estrogen properly.

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This and/or probably increased joints inflammation. Both low E2 and increased inflammation give me cracking/painful joints. Your E2 at sitting at 30 is ideal.

I’ve been working on restoring healthy gut flora and healing what seems to be a case of “increased gut permeability”. I can already see improvement in my cracking joints. It’s a long process.

I have tons of muscle, 6 pack, 43cm arms, 85kg shredded for 6 feet tall, 0 fat on belly, all natural of course not even taking whey or anything, just eating organic fruits and veggies and some proteins and going to the gym 4 times 2 hours a week.

0 gyno, increased penis size since I had my crash, both flaccid and erect, high testo, but 0 libido, ED, panick attacks, anxiety, mood swings, acne, increased sweating, increased fatigue (swings a lot too) depression sometimes.

Nothing in my body is craquing poping or hurting.

Our condition isn’t testo related.

But is it an ultra sensitive test? Yours may be but Some guys say theirs is ultra sensitive but after I see a picture I can tell it’s the normal e2 test they give women. It’s harder to get in places with free healthcare like the UK. these tests are wildly different results. I can literally show you a blood test of mine in quest that shows my estrogen as 28 but my ultra sensitive as 16. Now after saying all this I’m sure not everyone is going to fit in the mold of low estrogen but I have been around for years and I would bet a lot of money that over 50% of the people here have estrogen issues (and not the high estrogen issues.) it annoys me when I see people playing with AIs like aromasin. That’s so foolish as a.) it’s probably making their PFS issues worse and b.) it takes months to recover from AIs. On trt I have knocked my e2 down to below 5 multiple times. It took me years to realize I don’t need an AI. The AI was making my trt a roller coaster of failure. (Hcg on trt also made me a roller coaster but I dabble in it carefully) pure testosterone is the best way to get dialed in and you can play with other things after you are months into feeling great.

I’d like to think so - sounds like it would be a relatively easy fix then. The thing that makes me feel otherwise are the large number of people who have tried TRT with little success. And I don’t think that many have been taking substances to keep estrogen down either…

Let’s see if these images post

In This test I had no penile sensitivity, my cock was ducking tiny and cold. eye issues, ED … everything PFS

I’m always confused when people mention improving gut flora.
How exactly do I check to see which bacterial strains I need? Is it through trial-and-error?