A thought about penis numbness

im 26 years old took fin for 9 months 1 year off

did anyone here recover from penis numbness?
my penis head is about 25% of what it was, have you ever heard about someone who got his penis back?

i thought maybe this not curable, i believe that the libido and the numbness are related…

maybe fin hurt our nerves and neurons so much so its irreversible like when a guy loose the feeling in his limbs like after an accident…

scares me to death.

Yes, I have full sensitivity restored pretty much 90% of the time.

that’s a good thing to hear…
can you give some more information please?

how much time did you take fin?
what were your symptoms?
how much time did it took for your penis to gain sensitivity again?
did you notice rise in libido with the sensitivity?


I have had this for 2 years and don’t know if I’ll ever get it back. In addition I get pain/ache/discomfort in that area.


My cock was cold, flaccid and completely senseless (0%) for 2 years without a single erection. Despite this now it can be completely functional if I can turn on some libido, but for most libido is a much bigger issue than sensitivity. I think most guys don’t have permanent physical damage but the chemical damage may not get back to balance easily without intervention. I would be more worried about libido that seems to be much harder to regain.

you guys fortunatelly niticed the effects were caused by finasteride and stopped taking it few time after starting it.

I took it for 7 years and stopped taking it 4 years ago. My symptoms are still getting worse gradually. I´ve tried everything trying to hold the worsening but in vain.
Today Libido 0%, erection 0%, difficulty to piss and to evacuate.

I just bought a pot of creatine to try to increase DHT, maybe this is my last shot to try the recovering.

Robotmouse, did you do anything special to get the sensitivity back? I am also at 0% sensitivity. My D might as well be a bit of pork chop stapled to my groin. It literally is a detached bit of meat between my legs.

I had complete numbness for a while, it’s one of the reasons why I stopped Fin was because my penis didn’t feel right. After the crash sensation was completely gone and I have this coning issue where the tip narrows and my penis never did that before.

After a year and a few months I have sensation again, but there’s like a mid part of my penis that doesn’t have sensation, but I can still feel pleasure from my penis. I don’t get morning wood. One thing that’s been helping me though is masturbation. My penis tends to feel better after masturbating.

I recovered from it. Initially my lad was noticeably number than the skin on my leg and overall felt like it was a piece of rubber attached to my body, nowadays it is fully sensitive again.

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