A recovery from Hypogonadism in Ray peat's forum


I saw a post some while ago about a guy adressing his Hypogonadism on the Ray peat forums. This guy was diagnosed with hypogonadism at 17 years old with testosterone levels near the 200s range. He tried a lot of therapies - from triptorelin to ozone therapy.

It was not untill he started taking a high carb peatearian diet that he solved his issue.

Link: https://raypeatforum.com/community/threads/overcoming-a-4-year-battle-with-hypogonadism-and-insomnia.110/


This does sound interesting and a pretty different approach than the Paleo diet which seems to only have limited effect for me.

I for the life of me cannot figure out what the exactly Ray Peat protocol is, everyone on that forum keeps saying different things. Is there a simple meal plan that we can follow, it seems incredibly complex.


The Peatarian diet mainly centers on optimizing the thyroid function. Good old Ray, for what I remember, prefers sugars over starches.


Me neither. On another pfs forum they all talk about cdnuts protocol or what we his name is and people have a lot of luck with it. It’s basically low carb diet + working out, being healthy, etc. for his


High carb diet? Oh boy… Those all recoveries are so wide ranged and so conflict… makes me really anxious about we may never be able to find a mutual remedy. Thanks for this link though, will read it.


Yeah, high carb diet is a new one for me. I will say that low carb seems to help a considerable % of people, at least to some degree