A question about CRISPR?

Hey everyone,
I’ve been reading a lot on CRISPR and watching biohack videos. My question is even if there somehow is a cure with CRISPR that these would only effect the body. You would need to inject it straight into the brain through something crazy like drilling a hole through the skull because of the blood brain barrier. I guess most people are more concerned with the physical effects here and this isn’t an issue :woman_shrugging:t3:

Hi Bunny,

You had not to make a hole in your brain to put finasteride or whatever drug that altered your brain functions. Right ?

These drugs cross the blood brain barrier- CRISPR is large for lack of a better word. Only about 5% of drugs even cross the BBB.

I guess it would need a good carrier.

  1. Enter into blood
  2. Pass brain barrier
  3. Enter into cell
  4. Enter into nucleus

Anyway CRISPR is not enough safe yet. It would cut all your DNA in several pieces.

I wouldn’t count on this technic for next decade at least.

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Hahaha don’t worry I’m not counting on anything. There’s scientists out there already injecting themselves to progress things as the ethics/ processes and money required seem to make progress near impossible. I feel like it’s not ethical to hold back people who are dying from treatments that could help them especially when they are willing to die for a shot. The system is biting itself in the ass imo.


At some point you are right.
For PFS the first step is to have clear picture of mechanism. Once understood, at least we will know at which direction to look for a cure/traitement.


The following review highlights some of the improvements on delivery systems capable of crossing the BBB and notes the speed of progression for these:

It’s focused on delivering the basic cas9 recombination-reliant system which wouldn’t be appropriate, however the packaging technologies will usually be adaptable and there’s editors being built all the time from this Swiss army knife tech.

I personally believe and have said for a long time that the ‘curative’ tech will take care of itself and should not be a priority for concern for us, as the future of precision medicine is easily adaptable molecular machines. For our part, we need full recognition of the clinical picture so that the limited research means aren’t thrown into the wind based on a failure to accept what is actually happening to patients.


Thanks for the info, I have been reading about these blood brain barrier techniques. I guess some of them just seemed a little out there. I even read that there wasn’t enough interest from people in trying to get through the blood barrier and that’s why better techniques haven’t been developed. Sometimes I read all this shit and then I’m like, yeh but is this ever going to be put into practice? I guess problems like these may force it into practice if they come to light. I read about all of these discoveries in science and nothing seems to progress or go anywhere because of all of these hurdles. Gets me a little frustrated. Not just for us but for every person needlessly dying out there. I guess I’m finally seeing why this is taking so long and needs to be done a certain way. The system sucks.

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There are some decent articles about CRISPR searchable in this science category on this site.


Personally, I don’t see CRISPR being the saviour anymore for this condition not by a long stretch there’s too many epimutations here at play for it to tackle.

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It isn’t a far cry to assume that most effects are downstream of a single epimutation, and that these could self correct once the initial mutation is corrected.


interesting, i think another well knowledgeable person has said this before.

has this been observed elsewhere?