A potential explaination and solution for at least a part of our symptoms

Hello everyone.

I’m a fellow PFS sufferer who is conducing a healing journey in private.

I’m not trying anything other than a protocol I’m following to heal my gut (I run a series of tests and found I have disbiosis, parassites in my gut, and plenty of vitamin deficiencies, so I hope this can be the answer for me).

That being said, I’ve been collecting information on possible treatments, just in case. Now, I have to say, it was really hard to find anything people in here haven’t tried, but during my research, I came across this video here.

The video is in Italian.

Now, the guy speaking is Enzo Soresi, MD, an italian oncologist who’s been studying psychoneuroimmunology for a while, and often times gives lecture about the correlation between genes, stress, and the immune system function. Now, at 20:10 he talks about a puzzling case which really got my attention, and for some reason resonated with me.

He talks about a young girl who, following a long period of severe stress and anorexia/bulimia, lost her period. Now, the interesting part is this: she was put on HRT, but couldn’t tolerate the hormones as she would get sides. Long story short, this doctor got in contact with a laboratory in Sweden which run a test on her hormonal receptors to check the local inflammation level.

Turned out, the vast majority of her receptors were inflammated (attacked by inflammatory cytokines, to quote the doctor). So, the said laboratory provided him with a kit of specific anti-inflammatory peptides to be taken by the girl once every three weeks.

Within a year, her receptors cleared up, and she was able to start HRT succesfully.

Now, as far as my knowledge goes, we don’t know what the root cause of PFS is, nor if the variety of symptoms we can experience are due to just one factor and one factor only. Now, what if this treatment could help some of us finding relief to a least a part of the symptoms?

Personally, I don’t feel like trying this at the moment, but I’ll definitely look into it if I could not find a solution with gut healing + time.

I just thought I could let you know about this, some of you may be interested.

Please notice, I have no idea whatsoever about the cost nor the potential side effects.

I have no affiliation with the laboratory.

This is their webiste https://www.biomodulation.com/

Have a nice day


@TFD thanks for sharing this. It actually looks like it could offer hope as a potential treatment.


@5-alpha-victim @Ronnie99 @betweenjobs

You guys have tested your urine neurotransmitters, didn’t you?

Weren’t androgens high?

What if receptors are inflamed, body can’t use hormones and they get expelled with urine?

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Which test is this? I wan’t to do it !!

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I don’t know. Take a look at the website, or try to contact 'em.

Yes my androgens were high.

Very interestng ! As imflammation and neuroinflammation is half the problem.

Unfortunately the link to the website is dead.
I was researching on Psychoneuroimmunology and neuroinflamation with auto immune implications in PFS and found your post. Very interesting.
By the way lloking at the video the clinic is not in Sweeden but in Switzerland, which makes more sense as its close to Italy.