A Post-Androgen Deprivation Syndrome: A literature review

Originally published at: https://www.propeciahelp.com/a-post-androgen-deprivation-syndrome-a-literature-review/

Some patients develop persistent and severe multisystemic health problems following exposure to the 5 alpha reductase inhibitor finasteride. Serious and permanent harm is not correlated positively to exposure and can follow as little as one dose. This has been termed “Post-Finasteride Syndrome” (PFS). Importantly, patients continue to find our site who are suffering an ostensibly…


Massive thanks to those who wrote this, it’s great to have this information collected in one document and hopefully this will generate more interest in the condition.


Impressive work indeed! Thanks to everyone involved in this!


Is there anywhere a pdf version available?

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Thank you for this publication. A great deal of us appreciate it. One question for the community: if the hypothesis is true, is this not a great deal of concern? I have a science and medical background and like to think I’m well versed in the body and scientific studies compared to an average individual. If their hypothesis is correct, I’m not aware of even a hint of a practical treatment option.

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I was fully on board that this was autoimmune but this publication made me change my beliefs to 50/50 to autoimmune or this

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I was wondering if this could be made into a pdf format. I want to show it to my doc who is powerful and connected. He will enjoy it but I want it to look professional. I could probably print it out and make it look nice if I had to, but you know what I mean


It is written incredibly professionally, I didn’t want to come off the wrong way


Probably involve some epigenetic treatment thatd take a while to develop

Or something a bit more vanilla where AR sensitivity is brought down with conventional drugs like proviron

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I’m going to be taking somewhat of a break for a while so I don’t have any plans to in the immediate future, sorry. Given the size and scope of the document, this format is a lot easier to read because of the navigation and hover-over citation features.


No worries man, thanks anyways I’ll be alright. Good luck hope to see you soon

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Yes, you can download here.