A new era of topical finasteride!

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Excellent find brother! Informative to see how some researchers still portray finasteride as generally safe even as they try to develop “safer” versions.

“Treatment-related sexual adverse events (sexual dysfunction,erectile dysfunction, libido decreased, loss of libido) werereported in 2.8% vs. 3.3% vs. 4.8% of patients treated with topical finasteride, placebo, or oral finasteride. Discontinuations due to treatment-related sexual adverse events were reported in 0%vs. 1.1% vs. 2.4% of patients, respectively”

It appears some guys continued using topical finasteride despite developing symptoms. So sad to see this!!

This study collected adverse event data up to week 24 (6 months). My symptoms developed at 7 months which from my memory is the average time before an increase in the likelihood people’s side effects will be be long-lasting. Obviously many of us develop symptoms earlier or right away.

“No serious adverse events were treatment related.”

So a decline in sexual function is not a serious adverse event? :roll_eyes: A decrease in DHT may not be the cause of our side effects considering many of us have normal DHT values. They don’t know the cause yet continue to push this poison. How cavalier of them, to put it nicely.

“There is ongoing debate whether, in somecases, use of oral finasteride 1 mg/day to treat male patternhair loss may be associated with irreversible sexual dysfunctionand severe depression. As demonstrated in this study,maximum mean plasma finasteride concentrations were morethan 100-fold lower with the topical vs. oral formulation, and the impact on serum DHT concentrations after 24 weeks’ treatment was statistically significantly lower with topical vs.oral finasteride (reductions of 34.6% and 55.6%, respectively). While this does not exclude the possibility of systemic adverse events related to decreased DHT in both groups, the probability is lower with topical than oral finasteride. A trend was evident for fewer treatment-related sexual adverse events, and associated treatment discontinuations, in the topical vs. oral finasteride group.”

They make it seem like potential impotence is worth the risk. It’s like they just don’t want to give up the money they make from this poison.


The worst part is when you read the plasma peak concentration of 1mg fin.

There’s a big range, but the highest had 2000 ng/dL peak concentration.

A normal peak concentration of T is 500-900 ng/dL.

2-4 fold more fin circulating from only 1mg!