A new drug ISRIB

ISRIB(Integrated Stress Response Inhibitor)- A totally new compound which is found to completely reverse stress, age & traumatic brain injury related memory loss. The most powerful compound found for improving brain functionality till date. Research papers give amazing insights & results about this compound. It totally inhibits the stress proteins & ultimately stress from the roots.
Any wealthy guy here can try ISRIB as it’s an expensive Research chemical otherwise buy it and send to someone that can trial.


Interesting that it can help prostate cancer. I’ve looked on Google and you can get a supply for under 400 dollars

I believe it has only been tested in mice. https://www.ucsf.edu/news/2020/12/419201/drug-reverses-age-related-mental-decline-within-days They have studies dating from around 2013 on the stuff. Seems promising though.

A 2016 profile on Walter noted that some scientists were skeptical of the molecule, citing its potential to interfere with typical cellular performance. ISRIB could be years or even decades away from human testing, according to those researchers. https://www.drugdiscoverytrends.com/drug-seems-to-reverse-age-related-cognitive-decline-in-mice/

Very interested in learning more about this drug. If PFS is really a TBI (Traumatic brain injury) then this could potentially really help us. Anyone know how to get a hold of this drug?

According to guys on reddit some of them bought it here

Seems pretty expensive and it would probably be smarter to donate this money to foundation :sweat_smile:. I don’t feel like playing with experimental nootropics, but than again my condition is probably not as bad as some other guys here on the forum

Check out the Reddit group where people are messing around with it. Not expensive and results I have read about have all been positive so far

I bought some. It’s cheaper than a dinner at a nice restaurant so I figured why the hell not? I’ll report back my findings soon

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Bro read the Baylor study and the papers in the Pfs foundation

Pfs isn’t a Brain injury at the root

It’s AR overexpression which causes gene silencing

I tend to agree with @lakehouse. Even if Baylor isn’t conclusive, it’s a fairly good idea of what’s likely going on with us, and I don’t see how this drug is going to address the root cause.

I’m not going to tell anyone how to spend their money, but after many years of trial and error it’s discouraging to see money that could otherwise go to research, go to more trial and error.


What you guys are hoping for (gene therapy) is years away. I need to try to do something, for my own peace of mind, even if it doesn’t work.


There is a lot of things screwed and overexpressed tbh, so many receptors in brain and in our bodies changed, guts dysbiosis as well, overexpressed AR is just 1 of many many things that is fcked up by this poison… Muscarinic (m3) receptors for example are responsible for smooth muscle contractions in bladder and other places as well, and saw palmetto inhibits muscarinic receptors to a huge degree… And I notice I can’t push urine out fast and make a urine flow bigger, and I assume this is due to screwed m3 receptors which regulates blader (detrusor) muscle and not androgen receptors for example.

LCLT (Carnitine) is supposedly meant to “reset” androgen receptors, but I don’t feel much difference in that regard when I use it.

Muscarinic receptors are also responsible for sweating and when they are not working people don’t sweat as much, have dry skin, dry eyes and mouth… Many symptoms that people have on this forum as well… Actually I found Sjogren syndrome which is some kind of muscarinic receptor antibodies problem, to have very similar symptoms like people here on the forum

not really.

truth is we dont know.

something might exist right now that can help us. we just dont have the information

That’s ironic coming from a longtime member.

Yes, doing real research on this condition takes time, much more than we all wish. But you have been here for twelve years. Clearly, looking for the quick fix wasn‘t quick and did not fix your condition, either. And in another twelve years you may still not be closer to a solution and trying things simply based on „why not?“.

Yes, there is no guarantee that research will provide a solution, either. But with every new insight we improve our understanding of what is wrong and the better our understanding the better we can narrow down treatment options. Research actually moves us forward.

Now I know people will experiment anyway and that is fine. But, hopefully soon we will fundraise for research and it would be a shame if there wasn’t enough money because it was wasted on shots into the dark.


Not everything I have done is a shot in the dark. My stem cell therapy I did almost a decade ago really did help me a lot….I was almost fully recovered for about 10 months straight and even though I couldn’t sustain it I still ended up in a better place than I was. And the improvements I had can’t be explained away by the research being done.

If it bothers you guys I don’t have to discuss this further. I figured even if it doesn’t work we are better off knowing the outcome than not knowing right? That’s how I approach everything in life…the more information you have the better

Btw, have any of you party poopers bothered reading about isrib before you shit on it? It seems to have a lot of potential in helping people with all kinds of conditions

Ok I might put the brakes on this until I do some more research. This is an epigenetic drug. It reverses the phosphorylation of elF2a - which is a complex protein which then controls the expression of genes inside of our cells. I need to do more research before I take it

all i was saying is that PFS isnt brain trauma at the root

do whatever you want

I’m sorry if I came across as being a party pooper, that’s certainly not my intention. I only wanted to point out that it’s extremely unlikely this drug is going to provide symptomatic relief, because many others have tried similar nootropics over the years with minimal benefit. I did say I’m not going to tell people how to spend their money - that’s entirely up to you - but as @Northern_Star pointed out we just want our community to be in a position where we can invest in appropriate research when the time comes, hopefully very soon. We’re not trying to be negative and we apologise if it came across that way.

What you guys are hoping for (gene therapy) is years away.

That ties into this point, which is that although gene therapy maybe some years away, our community needs to be ready to capitalise on it when it’s ready. And I would also point out that it is not really some distant flicker of hope anymore, it’s being realised much quicker than many predicted and already being trialled on genetic rare disease cohorts. But if gene therapy were to be ready today, we would still be at least 5 years away from being able to make use of it.

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@joetz i am interested so don’t close this down even more so if it has helped sufferers in other communities. Tell me more about the stem cell treatment. I researched this a few years ago and thought it may be of no benefit with the receptor damage theory… while I will donate to future research I’m one of the few who is getting much worse with time and don’t have the luxury of wanting this out PM me if you’d prefer.