A brand new Reddit community for Post Accutane sufferers -- r/AccutaneDamage

For those of you permanently / long term damaged by having taken accutane in the past, there’s a brand-new reddit group dedicated to discussion around accutane damage and health problems.

Description of group:

For those whose health has been damaged by Accutane (isotretinoin). Harm from this medication can be serious, disabling, and permanent. It can occur with a delayed onset months or even years after exposure. Discuss your stories and raise awareness about the truth of this drug ; reveal the lies, corruption, fraudulent research, and failure of dermatologists and medical establishment to fully inform patients of this drug’s risks. Vent, support one another, provide tips, and share the truth.

Why join:

Reddit is one of the largest worldwide free online blog forums. It is very popular among those in their teens, 20’s, and 30’s; the groups of people most likely to take accutane.There’s only one group right now for accutane, r/Accutane, which is extremely pro-accutane (any stories of negative health consequences or long term damages are downvoted or deleted). It is important to spread and raise awareness to the long term effects to those who may not come to forums like acne.org, and to help raise awareness of the negative health effects to the young people who will most likely be searching for peoples’ experiences in online blogs.


I will join.
Can you complete the survey on this site and encourage whoever you know to do so.

This is the only site where concerted effort has taken place