9-MBC (9-Methyl-β-carboline)

Hello guys,
I was just wondering if anyone here ever tried this supplement/compound…It looks a little bit promising and some supplement company is selling it…Ofcourse we dont know if its legit, and there seem to be very little details about it, but i saw some (who dont have pfs and otherwise healthy) report very positive results in regards of libido and sexuality…
I have already bought a bottle, and before i try it, i wanted to make sure that noone has reacted badly to it?

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Don’t know but sounds promizing

Did you try it? What happened? @silentpain89

Sadly i havent gotten the balls to test it yet, since im already taking Wellbutrin+Mirtazapin+Expermienting with st. john wort…I figured, my risk to get serotonin syndorm is quite high enough…But its still on the list in my supplement drawer

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