80% to 90% recovered with Psilocybin(magic mushrooms)


First time I have a seen a secondary effect associated with magic mushrrooms…


I’d be down to retry them. I love their effect and it gives a lasting impression. Might even microdose as well for a few days.

No offense to @irishguy754 , but he’s posted three “recovery” threads including the Prep PFS Thread and doesn’t answer questions people have down the road. I don’t know if that means effects wore off, but I interpret it as so and that we should be skeptical and conservative to avoid harm.


I wish people followed up more. Like that Rmoney guy who also took prep. Started to see improvements and then vanished. Such a shitty thing to do to fellow sufferers


I don’t understand this kind of people either


honestly, my assumption is, if the effects wore off, theyd be back here posting

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but did you take fin again for the sides to come back??
you may want to try a 3 month microdosing protocol, there are hundreds of reports according to Jim Fadiman and some research from David Nichols on gene expression showing that 4-12 weeks is where the epigenetic changes becomes permanent(including the 5HT family)


I only took the drug for one day and the epigenetic is seemingly permanent…


which drug??


Fin. But there are people just like us with horrible issues from using psychedelic drugs just once. They have a forum too.


i´d choose “hppd” everyday over pfs

this of course if i believed it exists
dunno what your concept of “horrible” is but i did injectable dmt with beta blockers multiple times and never been so well


Nah, OP has made a few posts saying he’s cured. Has followed up none.


Sure but after all those claims he kept posting. This behavior of not coming back to forum is similar to others that claim reversal of symptoms from prep

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Well he made the Prep post as well. I guess it’s all up to speculation and interpretation from person to person. How have your symptoms been lately, man?

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Mine are all the same, memory has improved over time as other people report. Still can’t meditate, but my prep just arrived. Still waiting on a test kit to see if it’s safe for me to start taking it. Hopefully the process doesn’t take too long and I can start by next week.


I’m glad your memory is getting better, man. Meditation has definitely been harder for me since PFS since it requires so much focus and discipline. Best of luck with your prep run, bro!

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Thanks bro. You gonna try prep anytime soon?

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Maybe within the next 6 months or so. Also interested in other antivirals used in chronic fatigue syndrome. I don’t think our problem is viral in nature, but for some reason anti virals have given decent results in CFS.

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ya i read the post saying how the antivirals block the epigenetic changes or something. interesting stuff

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any benefit in using other antivirals as opposed to prep?


None that I know of for our treatment besides the fact that they’re more known and side effects more documented.

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