7 years sufferer started taking actions this year


I have been on this form as a reader for the last 6 years. I didnt register or wasnt an active member as each time I read stories about PFS suffer it makes me depressed and make me lose hope.

I started taking Finasteride 6 years ago. I took if for only 40 days with .25 mg/day. side effects started showing immediately from the second day. I thought my body needs some time to adapt. but after 40 days I said I cannot live like that, I stopped cold turkey. felt normal for one day, once I masturbated once the issues persisted till now.

I had ups and down. first 2 years I suffered from sever mental and sexual side effects. after almost 2 years mental sides are gone and I still have the sexual sides and stomach being really sensitive.

in 2017 I was back to normal (almost 80%) that lasted almost for a month. I had some temp improvements over the last 3 years but nothing lasted.

my status now. I still have sexual sides mainly. some days I have morning wood. my sex life is a hit or a miss. I can get an erection but I cannot hold it 90% of the time. penis sensitivity is bad most of the time and some days I get random erections.

I tried cialis before which sometimes it made me to be able to hold the erection really long time and sometimes it didnt help at all.

I decided to seek medical help again - as first time I did in 2015 all my results came as normal.

I saw an Andrologist who is aware of PFS and she told me I can do nothing for you apart from you should start taking daily cialis and exercise as much as you can

then I saw a gastroenterologist who found that my bilirubin levels are a bit high and I am lactose intolerant. he didnt advice me to take any action on it.

then I saw a urologist who did various tests to me all came as normal apart form Estradiol & Prolactin came on the upper levels. and asked to do my tests again as he doesnt think these are related to my symptoms

next I am thinking of seeing an endocrinologist.

from the above test results, especially the upper limit Estradiol & Prolactin, do you have an advice for me or what should I do next?

@palpal I have had PFS for decades. Here is what I know: the penis needs testosterone for functioning and erections, not too little, not too much. Too much T added to the body = high free T which just gets converted to estradiol and works against the penis functioning. But not enough estradiol also can work against libido and erections. It’s all about you finding what is the right set point for you. Plus tons of things we eat and drink and take can work against penile function. Too much Prolactin too. Finally, PFS is probably an androgen receptor problem-which means that some PFS-ers may have normal blood levels of hormones but not adequate function. Most doctors do not know any of this. Urologists especially–one time one told me that T has nothing to do with erections! Stopped seeing him. Urologists also think finasteride/dutasteride is still okay for BPH, which is not really a DHT problem but a whole body problem especially as men age. PM me if you want.