7 weeks after, normal function resumed

I’m a 20 year old who has always loved his hair, I was that guy who’d always have his hair cut and styled in the trendy way so losing my hair was the end of the world.

It drove me towards finasteride despite seeing the horror stories online I just had to hope I’d be one of the lucky ones and I could live with my hair. I took generic finasteride 1.25 mg for 6 days straight and was the happiest I’ve been in years as I was finally doing something about the balding. On the 6th say after the 6th dose I couldn’t get an erection not even a budge. I still went through and ejaculated but soon realised that I couldn’t live with that.

I stopped that night on the 6th dose and for the next 5 weeks I didn’t think much of it I saw how people would say a couple of weeks and you’ll be fine so I had no panic or bad thoughts during these weeks where I still had persistent ED and 0 libido, forcing myself to masturbate to see if I had recovered.

The 6th week it struck me that it could be permanent I saw more stories about people who took it for even shorter than me got permenant side affects. I started panicking, not being able to sleep, shaking in bed, leaving the curtains shut. I completely shut myself off from friends and family. Thinking that I had just chemically castrated myself my hope was gone after just a week.

My parents started to notice something was wrong so I somehow told them and they got me to see a doctor who was nice about it and said these sides were common and I should give it up to three months. I felt better after seeing her and a week later I’m back to having normal erections, morning wood and my libido is back up.

I realise how lucky I am in this situation and how quickly my side affects turned around compared to the many unfortunate people out there. The 2 weeks I experienced of pure panic and depression would not be worth any sort of hair on my head


There’s no horror like watching 6 weeks, then 6 months, then 6 years, go by.

Absolutely count yourself lucky and never tempt fate again. Some have been burnt for life on their 2nd or 3rd use after fully recovering previously.


Never again, it’s frustrating as fuck seeing people recommend this fucking drug and brush these real side affects off like they’re nothing.

The sad thing is I didn’t believe these stories either because I was so desperate for some hair. My father even warned me and said don’t take them it will ruin your life.

I’ll do my best to advise people against finasteride.


I’m surprised your father said that. It’s priceless advice. How is he familiar with this supposedly rare condition?

Be carefull, some people experienced only temporary improvement…