7 Months Off...Worried About Future


So I took finasteride for 4 months last year and ended in September of 2018. I stopped taking it cold turkey and for the first month for full sexual function back. I am now 7 months off and have not recovered. I have no spontaneous, nocturnals, weak erections, my flaccid penis is shrunken and I’m severely depressed. I am at a loss about what to do. I will be taking clomid soon as recommended by Dr Jacobs. I am very scared about my future and would just like to hear insight on chances of recovery and what you guys think. Is 7 months off too soon to tell if I will snap back to reality ever. Please be honest about your thoughts. I hope the clomid helps but I’m not sure what is going to happen. I am contemplating penile implant surgery if things don’t work out for me so I just hope someone has some feedback on this. Is it a mistake to get the surgery after one year? My hormone panels came back complete normal. Testosterone at 500 which Jacobs called fairly low, which I understand but I am pretty sure this has do more with the conversion process to DHT. Dr Jacobs mentioned to me that DHT does not affect adult men and only in development. This was hard for me to believe that, if I just simply bring up my testosterone to the upper part of the range for my age, I will get full function back and my symptoms will be relieved.



My personal opinion is that it’s way, way, way too early to have a surgery and that people make recoveries after significantly longer than 7 months.

Take part in our community projects (survey, 23&Me), be healthy, wait for scientific study results, Help here, live your life. Define yourself by what you can do at the moment, not by what you can’t.

Be strong.

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If you can perform sexually than no need to go for surgery,
I am almost 3 year post fin and for first 9 months I was going downhill than I stabilize at 10% prefin state.
I am still fighting, I have no sexual experience so I can’t tell, but in masturbation my errections are at 50 percent prefin.
There was time when they were 20%
I still get very bad, some time very good.
Hang in there there are people who completely recovered after 7 year some after 10 and even 15 year.

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