60.000 RXisk prize


They have raised 60,000 dollars to give to anyone who finds a cure to Post-Finasteride , post-SSRI disease.

Does anyone know anything about it? Are they connected to he PFS Foundation?

I found the link in this Catalan University page, but there is not a lot of information there:


They are not connected to the PFS foundation. This fund-raising initiative was started by Dr. David Healy and associates (RxISK and Data-Based Medicines Americas LTD) and has been going for a couple years now.

There is supposedly a stipulation in place that the donations will be rolled-over to fund research through the PFSF if no treatment/cure is found after some period of time, but I haven’t seen any official statement as such.


I can try and do that. I’m working on it anyway.


@Ozeph ha ha lol ? thats not a cure when you have to take 50 different supplements and antidepressants (you do) every day to feel close to before. stop kidding


Cure or not he’s done way more for this community as far as documentation than anybody else lately.


yes may be. but we need scientific help. normal people cant get us out of this mess…


Totally agree, but it seems like the Baylor study will be released around the same time as half life 3 so this is the best we have going right now besides the community project. Just didn’t want to take away from what @Ozeph has been doing because I’ve found it pretty helpful


at least we will get 2 more melcangi studies in the next years :smile: hope they will publish baylor within the next 5 years lol


Let’s hope Baylor comes out sooner rather than later. In my opinion, Melcangi isn’t focusing on a lot of key symptoms.


Ha ha lol. Yes it is if after a year you can tapper off and stay stable.

And what makes you think sage 217 will not have to be taken all your life ?

Plus everyone is looking into a single pill or two that would cure what turns out to be at least 3-4 distinct diseases caused by the crash.

But if it makes you laugh, I’m happy. Laughter is hard to get by.


what’s half life 3 and when will that be released?


It was just a bad joke. Half life 3 is a video game that people have been waiting for for a very long time and will likely never be released.


the last update on baylor study from awor tells us that it should be released within the next two months. would they have told us about another delay by now? it seems as though all the delays were notified way ahead of time


Do you mind linking me to awor’s update? I haven’t read it.


found these

from @awor 's message dated october 2017:

All I can say at this point, after almost 10 years of PFS research, is that the picture is finally starting materialize. It is my hope that we will have a basic understanding of PFS at the molecular level within the next 12-18 months, representing a huge milestone in PFS research.


that was just an expectation i think :joy: i think we can be grateful when it will be released within the next 6 months


right but my question was something else