6-OXO? You should look at this study!


A taste of research on bodybuilding
Baylor University conducted an eight-week study to determine the
effects of 300 mg or 600 mg of 6-OXO in resistance-trained males.
Compared to baseline, free testosterone increased by 90% for 300
mg group and 84% for 600 mg group, respectively. Also
dihydrotestosterone and the ratio of free testosterone to estradiol
increased significantly. The report concluded that “[t]he results of
this study indicate that eight weeks of 6-OXO supplementation had
no effect on body composition or clinical safety markers, but
incompletely inhibited aromatase activity and significantly increased
endogenous DHT levels that were attenuated after a three-week
washout period.” This study did not utilize a control group and was
funded in part by two producers of commercial 4-AT.

Has anyone tried this? Looks promising…


However, the T/E ratio is increased, is the increase in Estrogen ratio also bad thing? Should only T suppose to increase in order to have a recovery for us? If its safe, i will use this 6-oxo.


Bro, I saw that this 6-oxo is an AI… Be careful with that! I’ve seen articles where allegedly Saw Palmetto is described as a testosterone booster, but this is not the case with a lot of PFS sufferers damaged by SP


lol i have extremely high free testosterone but no libido…


Idem, I have DHT Extreme but 0 Libido


Have you tried Aromatase inhibitor? You are probably high in Estrogen…


no probably we have androgen insensitivity


I have extremely high T as well


I don’t think so.
I responded amazingly to clomiphene (endogenous testosterone booster) with full beard, full body hair, big nuts, high semen volume, amazing muscle tone and hardness, deep voice, oily skin, more masculine face.
Definitely endogenous testosterone works very well.
No scientific studies in fact prove androgen insensitivity due to 5ari.


I doubled my T through weightlifting (was around 770 in August) and didn’t notice anything in terms of my symptoms except maybe feeling a bit less fatigued all day


Yeah my T went from 700 to 1100. Didn’t notice anything - I was also weight lifting and eating super well.


So are you “cured” then?


Weight training doesn’t double T levels on the whole it only creates brief spike in T levels after training even a combination of heavy training and good diet will only raise T levels minimally and will only be sustainable as long as the protocol continued.


If you have very low to non existent T levels they would double yes im talking super low levels but stop the protocol and back to base you go.
If you have borderline T levels you may feel the benefits of increase T through weight training again as long as the protocol is kept up.
If you have normal T levels your not going to even notice anything regarding T levels realistically.
In all 3 of the above situations people feel the benefits of weight training as its not all about T levels weight training stimulates growth hormone and a stack of other hormones in the body.

I cant see any negatives in trying this product myself its far safer than some of the things being promoted on this forum it also has a chance of helping some people if it does what is being claimed.


No brah, clomiphene fixed only the things I said before but it gives me also a black depression and insomnia.


Are you still seeing the other improvements though or did they slowly decline again when you stopped


I returned to baseline.