5htp - a cure for brain fog?


Hi everyone I want to give you my background story and how I resolved my brain fog which I am not %100 sure was related to Propecia but I am now beginning to think it was.

I was a member of the old yahoo group I will post my username on here at a later time (I don’t recall what it is at the moment). I took Prop in late 99 and discontinued in march of 2000. It hit my libido immediantly upon taking it. I noticed a big decrease in erection size and my libido plummetted and my ejaculation quantity turned to almost zero. I also noticed my anxiety which I already had got significantly worse. For a good year I did nothing and just waited. In 2001 under extreme stress at work (extreme stress because I had no stress tolerance at all anymore) I developed severe brain fog. I had memory, concentration and even slurred speech at times. Finding the cause to these issues became my life’s mission. I was sick I needed to get better. I never linked my brain fog to Propecia. I wondered if it was connected but always thought it was something else causing it. I tried everything under the sun to help after docs couldn’t find a reason. I started Klonopin for anxiety, did mercury chelation and about 10 million other alternative and medical treatments with no success. What finally helped significantly was a dietary change. I cut out carbs and my brain fog got significantly better. I wasn’t cured but it gave me my life back. Over the years even when I cheated on my diet my brain fog was better than it was previously.

Over the years my sexual issues improved as well. My libido went up a bit but was still far from normal. In 2004 I saw Dr Irwin Goldstein and my hormones levels were fine but he stated I had Peyronies disease and this was the reason for some of my erection difficulties and smaller penile size. I was devastated but accepted it. THe years went on and I was put on Paxil to help deal with my anxiety and I continued on the diet and things were ok. My brain fog was still there however and I was still determined to find out what caused it.

Then came last winter. I was worried about the long term side effects of being on Paxil so I started looking for alternatives. I was on a very lose of Paxil at the time and thought I could do without. I began taking a product called 5-htp which is a precursor to serotonin. I didn’t notice anything right away but about 3 weeks into it something absolutely shocking happened. My head completley cleared and even better than that was I could eat anything I wanted and it had no effect whatsoever. My libido sky rocketed at the same time. I couldn’t believe it. It was one of the happiest phases of my entire life. Unfortuantley the 5htp began giving me sides and I had to stop taking it after a month or so but my head was signicantly clearer and didn’t go back to being as foggy anymore. Unfortunatley my libido did tailor off.

It wasn’t until recently that I started thinking about Propecia again and then started questioning if there may be a connection. I always remember folks in the yahoo group talking about their brain fogs but I just thought mine was due to my anxiety or something else since I didn’t have brain fog when i first got off propecia but now I am convinced it was due to the propecia.

I read from many that had quit ssri’s and developed what they call PSSD. A condition which basically kills mens libido’s. Several of these guys are now suffering from very low T levels. I did research and found that serotonin and testosterone are believe to be linked is some strange unknown way. I am wondering if anyone has ever tried 5htp and if so what was your experience.



5htp works only depression. Amigo.


good stuff. here’s an excerpt from wikipedia on 5htp. i knew this had something to do with B6, but had forgetten…


B6 has all ready been shown to help MANY people in another thread… maybe this has to be why. the combo must be really good.


5htp works only depression. Amigo.
That is not true. Google 5htp and anxiety and see how many people claim it’s benefit. Also google 5htp and libido and you will find it supresses it for may but for some it increases it. This was not a placebo affect. I had brain fog for over 11 years and it wiped it out. Do a search on pubmed for serotonin and testosterone and you will find some interesting studies.


I am so convinced and confident that i have found something that will help “some of us” that If I am wrong I will apologize to the entire damn group.

Here is the criteria

brain fog obviously
and it must get better from a low carb\sugar diet

if that’s you I would bet my house on 5htp helping you at least some of you.

How does it help? Is it serotonin or the fact that serotonin has an effect on T levels and even brain allopregnalone??? I don’t know but it works. Guys 11 years I spent suffering and the fog was way worse than any other symptom. A few weeks on 50mg of 5htp and it was gone.



Alright, I should be an ideal candinate but I’ll try this later on once I weigh in all the facts. What were the side-effects btw? I would imagine that your body starts to adjust thru feedback loops and you’re propably putting a LOT of precursor nutrient to X (brain?) hormones.


Side effects are usually nausea, hearth palpitations dizziness. In most it will calm you make you happier and give you a better nights rest. Everyone is diffrent however. I would start with a lose dose 25mg or 50mg. I saw relief at 50 after being on it for a couple of weeks. The site below has some great guides on 5htp and how to use it. The key is to take breaks from it as to not allow the serotonin receptors to upregualte and therefore adjust to the higher serotonin levels. Alot of people have success by taking it for a few weeks then a week off. What they find is that even in the week off they still feel great. I can attest to this. Even after disconintuation my brain fog did not return and for the first time in 11 years I could eat whatever the heck I wanted.

We are all searching for answers and I think this is something that can help many and I don’t just mean giving you some relief for a few weeks. This was life changing for me.



I´ve been using 5htp since my first day of treatment…man i cant explain how good im feeling these days seriously, this is not an issue for me anymore. Its funny once you get backt o normality…you start seeing things in a different perspective.


Brazilian are you saying your brain fog healed %100? Do you feel the 5htp contributed?


What time of the day did you take it?


Some say to take it twice a day I just took it once in the AM.


no offense braziliandude but haven’t you claimed to be cured several times now?


FJ929, did it help with any other symptoms? I feel that brain fog often is related to worsening sexual symptoms. such as inability to feel orgasm. When my brain fog lifts, sexual improvement, ever so small, is made.


5-htp is precursor which helps in the production of serotonin and melatonin. In the party would it is consumed after taking MDMA, it help increase the production of serotonin depleted. Serotonin is responsible for mood and the adminstration of 5-htp can help with depression.


My libido was deffintley higher on it but that effect stopped once I stopped taking it. The effect on the brain fog did not.


sorry i confused b6 with b3… b3 was the one that helped many people. i was thinking b6 because b6 is specifically required to boost the methylation cycle which is what i must’ve been thinking… b6 will help you.


100% recommended it 5HTP is positive and I have 12 years in this hell


guys at this point…seriously im just greatfull…i come here every now and then…stay five minutes and leave…it just doenst feel like a need anymore (to be here)…and ihatefin…yes i have claimed because i was gradually getting better…doing a ton of different things…so i cant really tell which one is what worked the best…they all helped…i could never SIT here and just complain and leave as it is…i had to fight my way thru this and it has worked. No one here can touch this…at the same time that I feel for you guys…there are some people here that are just nasty…I think that in a situation like this…you should seriously forget about the ego and everything else…its a very humbling situation, you have to learn what you need to learn from this…it blows my mind sometimes… men in this situation that just simply cant see beyond their own noses´ , grow up some of you…I feel blessed like god has given me a second chance in life, im a complete different person then what I used to be, i can sayI am an adult now. For the USA users…you could start thinking about getting better…getting in contact with alex tuggle, get a hair analyses done…get a spectracell test done, I mean DO SOMETHING… you are in the center of the world, theres no better place to buy the stuff needed to get better. You cant just simply wait for awor´s research…god bless that man for real, but life is just too precious and I cant afford to lose one more second being miserable, people are living, getting married, meeting new people, having kids, moving on with their destiny, dont you feel like doing the same?? we were born to be happy and to be normal, dont accept being this bad, find your own strength and trust yourself. learn a lesson from this…just saying.


Deluxe what symptoms did 5htp help you with? Brain fog alone or sexual as well?


did you also improve your erections/ejaculation volume by 5htp?

How much have you improved your sexual side effects since you stopped Finasteride. I am suffering for almost 9 years without any improvement.