5a-DHP (Allo precursor)


Has anyone here used 5a-DHP?

If so, would you please detail your experience in the following format:

  • Symptoms improved:
  • Symptoms worsened:
  • Duration used:
  • Period of improvement/decline:

I was just researching this the other day and couldn’t find too many anecdotal reports save for one member saying it was helpful. Great question!


haven’t tried, but in theory it will work - assuming allo deficiency is the cause…


Lots of discussion at this link. Seems the consensus is that it is beneficial for some, no effect for others. Interesting study maybe 20 pages in that suggests this would be beneficial for left-handed men and DHT would be for right-handed men with PFS. Seems kinda crazy to me, but interesting.

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I take 7 or 8 drops as needed. It works. Not a cure obviously but one of the better brain supps that I use

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DHP allowed me to dream during sleep but seem to upset my digestion. No noticeable improvements in symptoms.

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Can you explain a bit more? When did you start?


Not much to explain really. I use it for pfs anxiety. I don’t use it for sleep because I take meds for that but imagine that it would help sleep as well. I started experimenting with it months ago, but I was still very fragile and never took much. Now I have found 8 drops to be a decent dose to mellow me out. There’s a forum about it on swolesource, all people with pfs reporting their experience. I recommend readiing




I have been taking 10 drops the last few days and am seeing much more benefit. Better mood, clearer head, more relaxed…

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Has anyone else tried 5a-dhp ?

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Do we know how long 5a-dhp stays in the body for ?


Has anyone else tried this stuff out? I’m considering giving it a go.

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I tried it.

It made me feel a bit better but only for a short time.


No anxiety, deep sleep, improvements go away, didnt notice problems at leaving it.


Tried this, had absolutely no effect on me whatsoever.


didnt work for me, but apparently its supposed to be a nasal spray?

i put drops in water and drank it. either way i dont feel like trying to use it again


Did you guys bought it from Ideal Labs?



imo is not a good idea in the long run. what if it produces tolerance? it has been shown, for example, that allopregnanolone causes tolerance to itself after a certain amount of time. I think it would be better for our brains to find omeostasis and produce neurosteroids by themselves.

how is it going anyway? how long have you been using it?


Any more experiences with this? I could use some sleep. No lasting side effects?


Same here. Very brief burst of clarity. Back in the fog/suppression state right now.