50+ Who else including lurkers have PFS from prostate medication. We four here are the rarest of the rare

Please, it’s a very rare Disease. And elder men with Finasterid against benign prostatic hyperplasia are rare in the rare Disease. 100.000 described Finasterid in this group, no PFS cases. Please :pray: share your story anonymously here on this forum, or send me a anonymous Mail. Only two other sufferers like me in this forum.

We have had people sign up of all ages, who were prescribed for various reasons.

I think what’s important to note is that there shouldn’t be any divisions amongst ourselves. Whatever your age, how you ended up here, we are all in this together.

I hope you find some people that you’d like to talk to, but don’t feel that we aren’t welcoming you if they don’t see your post or come forward.


I too wonder how there can be so few older Proscar victims here. Perhaps they are not computer savvy, and simply have no idea this site exists. Maybe they accept the side effects as a natural consequence of getting older.

Yes, it would be nice to have a number of older Proscar users raise their hands and say “I’m here, brother!” Are there really so few of us?

You and I both were very sexually active despite our age. Could that play a part in getting PFS? Or maybe it’s the sole reason we recognize that PFS has struck, because now our cocks are dead when they weren’t before. Older men with no previous sex life don’t see a difference!

Stay strong, brother, and try to be a positive influence! Jim

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This is no division in separated subgroups. But we have younger saw palmetto, propetia against baldness (18-45) antidepressants, Isotretinoin, anabolic and older Finasterid for benign prostatic hyperplasia (50+) victims, as special cohorts for research.
It’s an interesting question why elder men of the last cohort develop PFS so rare. And who did, have been sexual active.
I’n first research to Pssd Hypersexuallity is a predisposition factor, like many PFS sufferers have been depressed and look at the member stories have been sexually hyperactive.
This would correlate with the actual theory of resisting androgen receptor overexpression (@Sugarhouse et. al ) after the increase of DHT after Finasterid intake is stopped in PFS patients for a while.