5 months off - up then down

I thought I’d post an update as it has been 5 months since I took a 1mg finasteride pill and woke up impotent. I recovered from impotency twice after recovering then crashing again and recently have been pretty good the past 2-3 months.

Libido has been acceptable, and for that I felt so grateful after having zero initially. The only issue that persisted was the rubber feeling in the penis. However I could get erections and remain hard as long as I was aroused without any aid such as cialis.

However, today I experienced almost complete ED as I tried to masturbate, only getting hard close to ejaculation. This was like when I first crashed.

I thought I was on the road to improvement, and this hits me out of nowhere after 3 months. I’m trying to remain calm and hope it’s just a down swing and it will pass. But you know, hard to remain hopeful at times.

I’m aware I’m not one of the worst sufferers out there, and I am grateful for that. But this is still difficult.

I pray for everyone out there to feel better soon. Stay strong.