5 alpha reductase, Finasteride


Hi, I am just wondering have anyone ever tried to take finasteride to fix their side effects? Since almost nothing works, maybe thats the only soulation, to have to go back to the root of the problem? I am not telling u guys to go back to finasteride, I am just wondering what u guys think!

And one more thing. Why have noone tried or thinked of making an 5 alpha reductase medication? We took a drug that blocked 5alpha, why not think logic, and go for an 5 alpha medication. Is it impossible or something?


I’ve heard of a few attempt it. I think it’s been a mixed bag and cured a couple, did little lasting to some, made some SO MUCH WORSE.

I don’t think I’d try it.

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Hi @anon17185392,

Yes, they have. I have discussed this in the following post on the subject in which I warn of the risk of further 5ari drugs.

Although antiandrogenic substances can be recommended often as they are noted to bring relief, they are demonstrably unsafe in PFS patients and further exposure can significantly worsen the condition.

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I’ve researched it quite a bit and found the same. Makes huge improvements on some people, to the point of being cured. But also has made some way worse so they regret trying it.

Not sure why the differences. I suspect it’s a difference between high and low DHT cases but who knows

It’s always seemed too high risk to try for me… maybe for a severe case it would make more sense to risk it?

It is def a risk though, not to be taken lightly.


Here is a post from last week by a PAS patient on an acne forum:

It’s been a while since I posted here but I think I’ll make some updates.

  • I made the mistake of taking a small amount of Fin in order to try to improve, but that only made things far worse.

  • However, before hand, I think I reached a point where I was somewhat content.

  • I fasted multiple times for up to 9 days this past fall, and I had some moderate improvements in libido after doing so. Also got rid of lethargic feelings for the most part (never had a non-lethargic winter before). I also did a repair protocol which might’ve contributed to the success too.

  • I’ve tried doing a couple liver flushes, and am currently trying to go Vegan (starting over a week ago Sunday). Morning inflamation has significantly reduced.

Sad to hear this happen to someone again. There was a theory born over 10 years ago that Finasteride would increase a presumably under-expressed androgen receptor after Accutane treatment, as a study has shown Accutane to persistently decrease AR expression in back skin. In the PAS community there have been 3-4 people claim recovery after using finasteride. Unfortunately , there have been around a dozen anecdotes such as the one posted above, and these came from those who bothered to describe a counter-productive treatment attempt.

The 5-ar dice are loaded against us.