4 years on Fin and now hypogonadal 7 weeks off... how screwed am I? Has anyone recovered from low T without TRT?

I started using fin at 18, stopped at 22. While tapering I got hit with insomnia, ED and visual problems. After stopping I had a 2 week recovery, followed by a crash with basically every symptom listed on this site. 4 weeks off I got a blood test showing a ridiculously low T of 98 ng/dL. The doctor was in shock. However, this blood was taken at 3 pm. A week later I got another blood test done at 9 am and found a T of 298 ng/dL, which is still ridiculously low for a 22 year old. LH and FSH also low, sorry I don’t have the exact numbers. In a couple weeks I’m going to get a more detailed blood test, but one thing is clear: I have secondary hypogonadism from finasteride use. Is this something that can recover with time, or will I have to be on TRT for the rest of my life? I can’t believe I did this to my body…

That’s even if you will respond to TRT to begin with I tried it for 8 months with no difference since my body doesn’t respond to androgen therapy. If you have a doctor willing to work with you then try it but don’t be surprised if you don’t respond to treatment.

So basically my only hope is for my body to recover my T output naturally? Is there anything I should do to help this process or should I just leave it alone and drop the supplements for 6 months?

Depends how long have you been off the drug for??? If your only a few weeks/months off the drug then continue to wait until a full year if you see no improvements in your hormone levels then getting on TRT might be your next option.

Yeah Sunday will mark my 7th week off the drug. I’ll try to wait a year but god damn its going to be difficult especially if my symptoms continue progressing

Yeah 7 weeks is nothing to early to jump on anything as of now who knows you might get better in a few more months but going on hormones when your not even 2 months into a crash means you can still recover.

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look into HCG