34 Year Old Took Finasteride 2 Years


Just wanted to say thanks for all the brave people who have posted about this condition. I really wish i would have known more about this poison i put in my body for years.

At 32 i went to my doctor and mentioned my hair, i thought he would describe be a supplement or something. Not some transgender drug.

Took the drug for two years and never had any obvious side effects. But in retrospective they were there, i would never get a full erection but i didn’t notice because i would masturbate like 4 times a day.

I didn’t notice the shrinkage in my penis because i was basically masturbating with a flaccid penis, which i did even before finasteride some times. Porn is a problem for me.

I would go to the gym 5 times a day and lift heavy weights. During this time i even remember taking a double dose maybe twice or three times during my two years.

During Covid i lost track of my intake and ended up double dosing one day. Then i noticed how severe my ED had gotten. I think that things got so much worse for me because i couldn’t go to the gym and lost a ton of muscle. I believe that the fin is stored in muscle tissue and was just drained into my body at once.

I stopped 3 weeks ago 4/13/2020. And things just got extreme. Some of my symptoms:

  • Penile Shrinkage
  • Loss of sensitivity
  • Middle of penis is thinner and weaker
  • Testicular pain
  • Drooping testicles, followed by smaller testicles
  • Gyno
  • Loss of muscles
  • Extreme depression
  • Extreme anxiety
  • Liver/pancreas pain
  • Microscopic blood in urine
  • Dark urine
  • Dark/tarry stool at times
  • Frequent urination

The doctor who prescribed me this poison did not believe my ED was because of fin and told me to keep taking it. I stopped that same day.

I’m waiting for the full results of my blood tests. But so far it seems i have low vitamin D at 20.3 ng/mL.

Just wanted to introduce myself. I will post about my journey off this awful drug here including the hell that the past few weeks have been.


As you’re just 3 weeks off, you have a decent chance of recovering I’d say.

During the two years that I took this poison, i never encountered any real side effects. Was able to have sex with my wife, which thank God i never did when she was pregnant with my boy. I started the poison about a month before my boy was born, that’s the only reason i still believe in God. As longs as he’s healthy i could care less about myself.

My symptoms started when i couldn’t go to the gym and was masturbating a lot at home. Couldn’t get it up for my wife and just thought i was masturbating too much. I took a break from masturbation and things were ok. Was having sex with my wife when suddenly things just went numb and i couldn’t get it up.

I then googled ED and learned about the side effects of this poison. I immediately stopped, which perhaps i shouldn’t have. I did take an additional pill about a week later after thinking my ED wasn’t related due to my stupid doctor.

I’ve also had persistent testicular pain for the past few months, which is i told the doctor. He simply made me get an ultrasound on my testicles which showed nothing. The idiot didn’t even put together that it was fin related.

Things just got really bad, i could not for the life of me get an erection. Not even enough to masturbate while flaccid. The shaft of my penis felt really weird, as if being eaten from the inside. I had noticed other signs, like after i masturbated my penis would shrink a lot. The only reason i didn’t notice was because when i was getting hard it was the same length as before.

I fell into a hard depression. Coupled with covid and issues with my wife, she didn’t really believe my issue and we had a lot of marital problems. This has been the worse time of my life. Fuck covid, i believe i could manage better if i could go to the gym and lift.

At first I thought my ED was due to my over-masturbation, which is what my doctor said. He was even getting annoyed how i described things, fuck him.

I started to look at NOFAP, to help with my issues. Because when my dick was hard a few weeks ago, at least it was normal length.

So for two weeks i could not get an erection, my penis felt completely dead. I freaked the fuck out and started to tell my close family about what happened. People recommend to stay away from the internet, but fuck them. You have to do your own research, which i wish i would have done before taking this poison.

I still wasn’t sure if it was because of the fin. But the more research i made the more it all made sense. I had some subtle symptoms for two years

  • Stopped drinking at home
  • No oily skin, no pimples
  • Gyno
  • Weak erections
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Weak bones

I also stopped eating and exercising because i started to learn and accept what happened to me. This was a mistake, you have to do resistance training to fight it. I’m now trying to do what i can with limited weights at home.

On the bright side, this past Thursday i was able to get a 100% erection. In fact, it was too hard. The blood wasn’t going away after a while. I believe that it’s because the blood vessels diminished making blood flow both ways difficult. Also the erection felt harder and stronger due penis shrinkage i believe. But it was good and good for sex. I will be happy if i can get an erection like that just once a week.

I believe that NOFAP helped me in achieving that erection, i did not masturbate for two weeks. After i masturbated and ejaculated i haven’t been able to achieve another erection like that again.

I’m still waiting for my free T and DHT levels test results. My endo, who’s actually pretty competent, recommended 5,000 units caps 3x a week due to my low vitamin D.

Today i took 30mg zinc and 400mg Magnesium Glycinate. Still trying to figure out my own treatment. I plan on continuing NOFAP, doing whatever resistance training i can, lower carb intake. Appreciate any other tips or tests i should get.

I also smoke marijuana, not 100% sure i should stop. It makes me feel better emotionally but i really don’t want to risk and do anything to make things worse.

Will post updates here. Thanks for the support everyone.

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hi Luis,

welcome bro, im currently three weeks off as well. Some symptoms got better for me, however I am also experiencing new ones such as dry eyes and joint pain.

you are right this is not just a simple pill, but a pill that has disastrous effects even after quitting it. Hell I think doing even cocaine doesnt destroy a person as much as this poison called Finasteride.

Do you notice any other symptoms or only erectile issues?

Hey Casual,

How long were you on it? I believe me being 2 years on this thing really messed me up. ED are the main symptoms. Other symptoms include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Gyno
  • Bone pain
  • Yellow spots in my eyes

I wish 100x i’d just had done coke every day instead of Finasteride.

I guess your body is stronger than mine, it took this drug literally 5 days to make me chemically burned.

I took the last dose 4/17/2020 and ever since then my nervous system feels cooked.

I would like to stay in touche since we both quit around the same time, im curious how our progression or further decline is going to develop…

Sure, I’ll keep posting updates here. I just ordered a vacurect: https://www.mainspringmedical.com/pages/vacurect

Should be coming in a few days, i’m hoping and praying i can see that same erection i saw a few days ago.

I think it has to do about estrogen/t/dht levels in the body. Once we hit a certain threshold our bodies just crash. But you have a good chance based on how few days you were on it. Good luck.

Today’s tough. Didn’t get any movement or anything all night on my penis. Our condition seems to be similar to what post-operation cancer patients go through. So i’m trying to figure out how to rehabilitate my penis veins as best i can.

I just broke down to my wife, she thought i got the pump because i want to make my dick bigger. Still doesn’t fully believe my situation i think, or something. This situation fucking sucks.

I think it has to do about estrogen/t/dht levels in the body. Once we hit a certain threshold our bodies just crash. --> I think you’re right about this. Finasteride accumulates inside your body while taking it. Some people tolerate it for a longer time, but at some point your system crashes.

I havent touched anything down there for three weeks :sweat_smile:, because im scared of what its going to feel like. I’ve somewhere on this forum read that leaving it be for a few weeks is better. Dont know why or if this holds any legit proof.

Hang in there brother, your in the early phases like myself. Did you notice more symptoms while time passes or not yet?

No new symptoms so far, the ED seems to be getting worse after temporarily getting better last week. No other mental symptoms, beside the extreme depression and anxiety.

I’ve been researching about post-surgery prostate cancer patients, since my main problem is loss of girth and volume in my penis leading to ED and painful ejaculations.

They recommend to use the penis as best you can to get blood flow going. I’d say get the flood going as best you can but do not ejaculate. I regret ejaculating when i had an erection, it has made things worse.

Good luck bro.

Today is a dark day for me. At least yesterday i was able to get an erection, not full but at least decent. Today i can only get a chubby and i have developed a pretty extreme penis curvature. It’s now curving a lot to the left, i used to have a straight penis just a few days ago. Even after stopping this fucking poison is still eating me from the inside.

I’m desperately waiting for blood test results because TRT/DHT is my only hope. I’m also messaging my urologist but i know there’s nothing he can do.

I’ll just have to accept the fact that i’ll need a fucking penis implant to ever have sex again. Fuck i want to die.

Ok my doctor just prescribed me viagra. Reading this overview of penile therapy: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2531200/

Using viagra plus a pump can help. But i’ve also heard that viagra/cialis may make the problem worse. Any thoughts from anyone?

Fuck my life I had a chance to make a recovery too but I fucked it up. My wife told me to not have sex she told me to not touch it. She told me to stop watching porn. But I didn’t listen.

I could have lived with a rock hard erection or even a decent one. But now I’m stuck with a soft curve erection for my life. Why didn’t I listen. Fuck my life.

I masturbated and came three times yesterday and now my dick just got worse and worse. I got cocky thinking I was good. God sure is laughing up there huh

Hi friend I am 35 years old I am married and I have a 3 year old boy.
I have had spf for 10 months.
I had shrinkage now it’s gone. I have had very strong joint pains now they are rare I have had insomnia now gone. What I have now is still muscle pain ringing in the ears and very low libido. I have not taken anything except magnesium or a little vitamin D in small doses a few times a week. I use cialis. I advise you since you are moved and in my opinion it is even worse to have this disease and be married to help you with cialis to have sex and try to stay as calm and possible. Consider that I can’t train because training makes me worse, causing a lot of pain to my body and that my nerves in the ass are very messed up.You can live like this waiting for it to improve but life is no longer the same as before. Waiting for someone to understand something, I wish you well. And a tip don’t be obsessive here on the forum. Bear in mind that mentally despite the fog, I sometimes feel lucid as this morning. When I read about people married to children I see my story. Now I am in a phase that I would like a second child and I hope that God will help me to have him always if finasteride has not also damaged my sperm.


I have stopped taking zinc and magnesium. Things seems to have gotten worse after i took it, and my penis blood flow is now non-existent. It actually hurts when i try to get an erection and the blood is stuck at the base of my penis. My endo has prescribed me vitamin d.

I’m trying to just accept this new fact of life, i was feeling great just a few weeks ago. Thankfully i have two kids and they’re the reason i haven’t killed myself.

I agree, though, id rather be single and alone then have to go through with this with my wife. Thanks for the encouraging words friend.

On an update:

  • Still pain at base of the penis, numbness, lack of erection
  • My DHT was at 44 ng/dl, free t was at 76.8 pg/mL and total t was 517 ng/dL

These seem to be within normal, healthy range. I did take the blood test 3 weeks after my last fin dosage.

It seems the only permanent damage from the fin was to my penis. I hope and pray to god that with another nofap phase i can get a rock hard erection again. But im not very hopeful and just expect the worse at this point.

Lol, ill just end up getting a penis implant for 30k or something. I dont know just trying to find some sort of light.

Going to get the vitamin d supplements and keep reporting my story.


Ok so i’m also thinking i have sustained a penis injury, and that’s been the source of my symptoms. I’m fucking mad as hell at my doctors because i’ve literally told them my symptoms but they just ignored me or told me it was in my head or prescribed viagra.

Jesus Christ, it seems that my penis bent after i masturbated during the healing process. Just a thought, but i’m bugging the hell out of my urologist. My appointment with him is not for two weeks, but what a joke of a system we have. These doctors don’t even spend 2 seconds thinking about you or your problems.

That’s right. To doctors, we’re just another patient that’s getting them 1 step closer to their 27th Rolex. Most doctors don’t give 2 shits about their patients.

Also, try to cut down on masturbation.


It’s too early to say whether you have PFS but just as a word of caution, a few members here have reported worsening their condition using vitamin D supplementation, particularly at higher doses. Just thought I’d make you aware of that as you might not have known.

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is vitamin b12 a supplement you would recommend?