3 weeks PFS development/less ED

After my first crash with anxiety and ED, I haven’t been able to have a proper erection during the day. This night, I had a wood and became very relieved. During the day, I tried to watch some porn and see if I would react to it this time as I began having nasty thoughts. Guess what, I could get it up and for the first time in a looong time, I had an ejaculation with no issues (a little watery, and a lot of it).

This is a relief. I am still dealing with the mental side of it, and my libido is still low (which could be caused of the mental sides though). Also, my balls are sore at times, but this might not even be too bad as there is a development.

My protocol is: High protein diet, low carb and no sugar, lots of water and nothing else to drink. Avoiding estrogen foods, eating T foods (especially pomegranate). Heavy weight lifting every day. Taking magnesium.