3 Months Advice

Hi all,
I really need some advice. I currently have testicular shrinkage with mild pain in the testicles. My sex drive is way lower but can still maintain an erection and ejaculate, but it does hurt after ejaculation. Doctor prescribed me clomid but I don’t know if I should wait to see if things get better or to take it. Here is my story:

I took 2 pills of finasteride for hair loss, first day 0.5mg and second day 0.25mg and experienced testicular pain on the first day. I started to notice testicular shrinkage about a month after taking finasteride, I have had two ultrasounds which show the decrease in size of both testicles. It’s been almost three months now since I’ve taken finasteride and I’m still experiencing shrinkage. These are my blood results. Total testosterone: 849 ng/dL, free testosterone: 172.3 pg/mL, LH: 7.4 mIU/mL, FSH: 1.3 mIU/mL, estradiol: 25 pg/mL.

Please let me know what you think. I feel like I am very sensitive to hormonal drugs.

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Could you explain more about what your goals are or what symptoms you specifically want to treat? Such as fertility, erection quality, libido, mental issues, muscle loss etc.

Filling out the member story would help us better understand your situation so we can better support you. I’m glad you decided to reach out!

I am 24 years old and I do plan on having kids. I do want my testicles to go back to normal size but reading off the forums it sounds like it’s not possible. I am healthy, I have energy and am able to workout. I’m not sure if the muscle loss is in my head or not but I will see as time goes on. My libido is lower and I think that’s due to the smaller testicle size. I would like to fix my testicles to where they were before but if I hop on clomid and get a lazy eye which I read someone got on here from one dose, I think I will be even more depressed about these symptoms. Anyone similar to me fix these issues?

El hcg amigo , úsalo y eso restaurará tus testículos

Why do you think it’s not possible? It sounds like giving up in the very beginning. And your case doesn’t seem that bad in comarison with many others on this forum.
First of all, you need to thoroughly evaluate your health condition with your doctors and act upon that. Did your doctor tell you why you felt pain? What did ultrasound show except the shrinkage?

I am hoping for a natural recovery from testicular atrophy. I have always worked out everyday and ate healthy for years so I have been continuing this, stopped eating carbs since my body feels drained when I do. Ultrasound showed slight inflammation in the epididymis but doctors just didn’t know what was going on. My doctor said “hormonal levels are in check and there is no infection and as for PFS it’s very unknown about the side effects effects due to the limited amount of studies” so he brought PFS up without me even mentioning it. He said I could try clomid at a small dose for the testicular atrophy but i really don’t want to put anything else in my body. My testosterone is already on the high end also with LH level, so why would I need clomid. Only thing that’s a little low is the FSH level, but my doctor said that doesn’t have to do with my symptoms tho. I get bad testicular pain after ejaculation which last a couple of days. If anyone has similar experience please let me know what you did to help yourself improve

My thought exactly when I read your post.

As for the testicular atrophy I have no idea what it could be / how to fix it. I have the same thing but mostly my left nut is affected.

My T levels are also fine just like yours, but I make much less sperm. So I’ve thought maybe it’s the sertoli cells that got damaged. Do you produce normal amount of sperm?

That’s so “nice” of doctors to prescribe something they don’t know how exactly it works. And not being aware of potential severe side effects.
I share your doubts about the clomid therapy. Maybe you should consult another doctor, as I don’t understand too why’d you need that with high T. I’m pretty sure these symptoms are not caused by changes in T levels. My blood tests were also always normal, and I also experienced some discomfort in the testicles(kinda pain-like, but I wouldn’t call it pain, as it wasn’t really acute). Btw my ultrasound check found nothing wrong with me. And it just disappeared with time as my symptoms tend to fluctuate in a weird way

I think it has to do with the lower fsh levels in my case but I’m not sure. I do produce a lower amount of sperm then before

Side effects that I still have:
Testicular Shrinkage
Lower libido
Pain after ejaculation
Frequent urination

Anyone please let me know if you have experienced this and what did your doctor say.

Take vitamin D, Creatine, Lcar with ALA all of these will increase dht or AR activity in some way. Also increase exercise and to help take glutamine and essential amino acids for muscle repair and Epsom bath salts to use afterwards. Also try L-theanine to reduce anxiety. Also try NAC for overall body repair.

I also deal with frequent urination nand only thing I have found helpful is to practice holding it in. Every time just phold it for a bit long and eventually get up to being able to hold it for 3-4 hours and then you will be comfortable holding it in for at least 2 hours.

Your sexual symptoms are potentially down to low dht and downregulation of 5ar. Your in a feedback loop where low 5ar activity causes low dht which causes low 5ar activity. Supplements such as creatine can break the cycle as by introducing dht your body up regulates 5ar receptors.

Have these worked for you?