3.5 weeks off Fin / penis shrinkage

Hey guys,

3.5 Weeks ago i took two doses of finasteride (2x0.5) but quickly realized how bad it was for my body and stopped. Sides i got: painful erection, painful ejaculation, pain near anus-balls area, penile shinkage, no libido and overall brain fog. Most of the sides went away. Right now i have a very slight pain after ejaculation near anus-balls area which hurt less and less each day and penile shrinkage. I see one thin vein on my penis and overall my penis is lighter and thinner than pre fin (erections are at 85-90% strength). Could you tell me how can i improve my condition or is this possible to reverse this damage? If yes then how long it can take?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s been only 3 weeks and you didn’t got hit severly anyway. Give it a full year, then maybe start thinking about using something. Currently the symptoms you have are so minor there’s no point risking your body with chemicals.

Update: 7.5 weeks off finasteride

It seems like my symptoms are not improving at the moment. Erections are weaker and I can feel that my penis is not completely filled with blood during an erection. Shrinkage is pretty much the same as before. I really want to hear about some recoveries in ed,shrinkage department. Could you give me some advices how can I improve my situation or what tests (hormones,urology) I can do to find out what is wrong.