"24/7 brainfog", help me get some insight

Hi guys, been about two months since i took the poison, i know i posted in my previous thread that i was 80%, but most likely lied to myself at that point. Getting hit by sexual/physical/neuro sides sure is fun.

Can anyone explain to me how finasteride affects consciousness? I’ve seen two people write about a persistent 24/7 brainfog that is fucking frustrating, and “fortunate” enough they never recovered from it. Ever since i took finasteride, i don’t feel like myself, and it’s not due to my symptoms, i can feel it, i can feel not being myself. I’ve seen some improvements in focusing and memory, but i can’t pinpoint exactly if this shit is improving? It’s as if some of my consciousness is lacking, i’m not exactly grounded, and i’m suffering from emotional bluntness.

My brainfog improved when I focused on adrenal health and used hydrocortisone. It took years of finding the right dose and timing and then tapering off. Now I only stress dose. If I sleep in too late I still get brain fog. If I eat foods heavy in 5ar inhibitors or androgen receptors dysregulators then I still can get brain fog.

Moon Man good to see your still doing ok.