2 Very Persistent Specific Sexual Side Effects Are Left.... Is this sign a recovery?

Hello everyone

Just wanted get some thoughts and opinions from everyone regarding my recovery from Finasteride.

A bit of background:

  • Took Fin for 3 weeks. I ONLY took 3.5mg
  • Quit
  • Got Hit Hard by all the usual sides

My Initial crash was pretty bad including total impotence and brain fog as well as other emotional/mental sides.

I am now 2 months Fin free and 1 month Min free HOWEVER I have two very specific side effects. These are:

  1. Relatively Soft (70% max) erections / Low Sensitivity / Short Erections
  2. No Visual Libido (Cant get hard from thoughts and visual at all. only if i use physical tough)

Now heres what HAS recovered for me (90% or better)

  1. Orgasm Intensity
  2. Watery Semen
  3. Mental Fog

My question for you all is that, Do you think this is a sign of recovery? The two sides i still have (also forgot to mention that i dont have morning wood anymore) are very annoying but the fact i recovered from those other ones give me bit of hope.

Is there a chance to finally kill and destroy the last remaining dreadful ED / libido sides?

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Also for anyone wondering about bloods

Test was normal (600)
E2 was quite high. couple points above reference range
DHT was 31 ng/dl (Ref = 12-65)
Low Iron

everything else normal

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Following this thread .

You have been off of fin for only a couple months, so I’d definitely say that some optimism and hope is warranted.
Definitely don’t freak out or lose hope or anything, it’s far too soon for that.

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I’m in the same boat as you, but I think it’s a good sign. I had crazy tinnitus and it lowered a lot in the last 4 days, which means something is changing, so it could change downstairs too.

I notice I feel a lot better when I don’t ejaculate and simply edge everyday to keep bloodflow and artificially stimulate libido.

Mentally I am still depressed with less emotions but I think it could be the trauma of this whole mess.

And my erections take more time to get but once they are there they are fine, so that could improve for you too! My biggest problem is mental arousal and non contact erections

This is what i am experimenting with. bloodflow is absolutely crucial in order to maintain long term erection quality. I actually got a 95% full erection couple nights and I remembered what an erect penis is really supposed to feel like again…
For the first month of PFS i basically didnt touch my penis at all and that was a horrible mistake.

This is EXACTLY my main and most annoying issues at the moment. Gosh if we could only recover from this…

We;re all gonna make it bro

thanks for the HOPE

@iHATEMerck not gonna lie it’s really comforting having someone like you in the exact same situation as me.

I think mindset is key, I was suicidal and depressed over this (the regret and the fear of living a different life), but we have to give it everything. Tomorrow I’m starting moderate weightlifting 3x, ketogenic diet with lots of water, good mindset and no fap (just daily manual erection and then I let it go).

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It’s still too soon to worry. Anyways, no matter how long u are into this, worrying is never an option. I know it’s tough. First 3-4 months of mine was surely the most hard phase of my entire life. I was suicidal, sleeping 2h per night, completely insane and broken and bedridden.

Since I changed my perspective about this issue, only avoiding stress (which is a MUST, the very priority along with rest and sleep), I’ve been seeing improvements on many symptoms (sleep is totally better, hairloss is diminishing slowly, orgasm quality is 100%, semen is normal, emotions returning, pleasure from things I like too, libido is no more non-existent but still low, erections fluctuating but some periods of good improvements).

My advise is: live healthy, eat very clean, exercise gently, meditate, avoid stress like plague, cut down on alcohol, eliminate coffee, sugar, dairy and gluten. Drink water (3L ~), sunbathe as much as possible, eat portions of vegetables regularly through the day, make some fermented vegetables, take probiotics if possible. And avoid COMPLETELY the negativity of this forum and bad sleep. For masturbation I don’t know exactly what to think about and what approach to take, but at least cutting it down would help.

You’ll be alright. Peace out!