17 year old story (need help)

Hi everyone. My erections may be slightly better, although it’s now been like 3 weeks since I masturbated so not sure if that means anything.
-face wasting continues: now have some wrinkles under my eyes and I continue to look more tired and skinny
-neck has gotten skinnier (felt pain at the peak of the muscle loss)
-fatigue has been hitting the past few days, my eyes have felt so heavy and I just want to sleep
-just noticed this last night, my gums are receding! I felt a sensation in my teeth which made me notice. It’s worse on one side but not too bad, it’ll probably get worse though as everything does. Extremely scary.
-muscle twitches remain
-depression is sky-high. Have never felt this low.
The good things (I think) that I can say about my body are that I still sweat, have body odor, have hair fall, and get an oily forehead. Also had morning wood this morning for the first time in a bit. Also no brain fog or anything.
All in all I’m feeling like this will not get better. I’ve gradually worsened in 4 months. I’m not the type of strong person to deal with this kind of thing. I’ve always been weak and my response to a little bit of a receding hairline was proof of that. I feel bad saying this but I can’t help but feel suicidal the past few months. Started seeing a therapist.

It’s insane that I just wanted to stop going bald in high school and be confident in my image and I’m punished with this hell. And not that I care about it anymore, but my hair is still falling out just as a punch to the gut for all of this. I’m watching my body just deteriorate, it would’ve been much easier to deal with sexual sides than this physical bullshit. I’m scared for what the state of my face, mouth, and the rest of my body will be in 6 months.

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Yeah, I agree. Right now I’m also at the point where my hairloss continues yet my sexual sides are worse than ever. It would honestly be a lot easier if it didn’t but it is what it is. I know how frustrating that is. And you can’t do anything about it as you may feel worse in the end.

Do you have physical sides? I got them in the past couple months and it’s been so painful to see. I’m watching my 17 year old body age 20 years in a a few weeks.

Fortunately no physical side effects that I have noticed. But I have bad sexual dysfunction along with very low exercise tolerance.

You were not weak to opt for the solution that science has put forth to remedy genetic alopecia; a solution which the FDA, a federal agency of the United States of America responsible for protecting consumers from rogue products, deemed appropriate and safe to sell to human beings. Is the President of the US “weak” for using the product? Are the self confessed celebrity users of the drug? Don’t blame yourself for this, most people, male and female, react with dismay at their hair falling out and not growing back.

As you’ve had symptoms persisting for more than three months, please take our Post-Drug Syndrome Patient Survey.

The survey can be accessed through the bar-graph icon at the top of your screen after you have posted a member story, and remember, the survey can be halted at any time and continued at a later time/date.

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I will do it now.


Chances are you will improve boss. Try to take care of yourself the best you can. The physical symptoms you can get from this bullshit are the absolute worst. Any issues with your skin or muscles thus far?


Hey man. I don’t think I’ve had any muscle/skin issues around my body as of now, but the skin on my face and neck has gotten more loose from loss of fat. I may be losing some weight all around although nothing I can notice besides face/neck/butt.

I’ve seen your posts for some time now, and you’re an absolute trooper for dealing with those awful symptoms you have. I wouldn’t be able to. I really hope you get better man.
And I hope we all get a cure in some years, because I don’t think I’ll improve naturally. I think the only guys who improve are the ed/brain fog guys, not the body deterioration guys.

Yeah man I got absolutely destroyed by this shit. It really blows my mind. Metabolism, muscle activity, and androgen function completely stopped. I’ve been hoping it would improve with time and just trying to balance stress but it hasnt, so that’s why i’m trying Clomid and Cytomel. My whole young adult life i’ve worked so hard to get into PT school and make a good future for myself and now all of it is in jeopardy. Taking a year off to go live with my mom and try to get some improvement. It’s a god damn mess we’re in man, but yes I hope that you get some improvement also, even if just a little.

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Hi guys. These are my current sides:
Sexual: -curvature in penis which happened right after crash (stayed the same)
-slight slight ED, doesn’t bother me too much as I can still get hard when I need to
-possible lower libido
Mental: -depression and anxiety which may or may not be induced by the drug. I’ve always had these.
Physical: (this is most of it)
-facial wasting: fat loss under eyes and in cheeks, stretchy skin, wrinkles under eyes and dark circles
-smaller jaw
-gum recession
-fat loss on butt (numb when sitting for too long)
-brand-new, weight gain around my mid section. It isn’t too bad but I don’t know if it’ll progress. Gonna exercise to combat it
-neck might be a bit skinnier although hard to tell
-occasional pains in muscles (hands, face, arms) although nothing bad
Symptoms that have improved or gone away: -brain fog is almost completely gone
-pins and needles in hands and feet were bad in December and are uncommon now
-sleep is better
-ear pains are gone
-erections a lot better than they were a couple weeks ago
-dry eyes gone
-muscle twitches are less common than they were 1-2 months ago

That’s all that I can think of right now. Obviously the physical sides are the worst for me. Everything else is very tolerable. This sudden weight gain in the midsection has me very nervous, as I’ve always been very skinny and it’s been hard for me to gain weight my whole life. I have an endo appointment in June. It’s impossible to get bloodwork done any sooner due to coronavirus.
I know I have it a lot better than some. My days are basically normal and my quality of life is still solid. I’m just very worried about what my body will look like soon. If I didn’t have the physical symptoms I’d be so happy. I’m currently taking probiotics to combat them. I don’t want to take medications like clomid in fear of a stronger crash. Any advice?

What are the things that make you improve?

Update: almost 6 months since crash
Current symptoms: -destruction of face (sunken eyes and cheeks, smaller chin, fat loss, possibly slightly smaller jaw, wrinkles under eyes, lines around mouth like minor nasolabiak folds) aging of face continues to worsen as months go on, really have no idea how to stop this. I’ve just been using moisturizers and vitamin e creams. I look tired and gaunt.
-dry hands and face
-gum recession, not severe
-a type of chill that I can feel in the back of my head every once in a while, doesn’t really bother me
-bloating more than pre-fin after eating
-slightly weaker erections, takes a bit longer to get fully hard, notthing that bothers me too much
That’s all my symptoms. This would all be a distant memory to me if my face wasn’t getting destroyed. Just turned 18 a few weeks ago, a great start to adulthood.

Starting cdsnuts protocol. Seems to work for a good amount and I’ve got nothing to lose. I’ve already strted the paleo diet and cold showers and exercise this week as he advised and I noticed my face has little pimples on it and hairline thinned a bit which is good. To be honest since doing this my sides have all gotten like the slightest bit better. Even my face looks a bit more full and my eyes less tired

good to hear that you getting results with the protocol,
can you give me a link to the protocol?

@somanyregrets You say

but you previously wrote a few weeks ago

implying that the other symptoms you have are mild and it’s just your facial changes that are causing you to pursue disease modifying therapeutic attempts. I just want to offer the perspective that you really do have a lot to lose given what you say are your symptoms and that there have been several instances of PFS patients trying many different manners of forum therapies, in hopes of improving their situation, only to make things significantly worse for them, sometimes persistently so.

Be aware that some things in that so-called protocol can be incredibly dangerous for PFS patients. Tribulus, for instance, has caused a persistent worsening for some members of this site.


I’m gonna read more into the herbs and stuff like that. I wouldn’t take anything like tribulus. But healthy living and exercises and all that stuff can’t be bad for me. It already has made me feel a bit better. I think it should be fine, but I appreciate you looking out for me though

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Yea I’ve done cdnuts stuff for the past year and it definitely helps. Don’t know if it’ll ever cure me but it makes me feel great and improves my symptoms. I’ve taken each and every supplement on his protocol for the past year and none of it has ever made me worse besides Maca, which gave me bad anxiety.

I was doing very well in December but had to take an anti parasitic drug for a parasitic infection and it made me worse because its apparently anti androgen. So I’m doing a bit worse now but will hopefully improve again.

I think it’s ridiculous that people who’ve never even tried the protocol try to scare people away from it and call it dangerous. I had very severe PFS when I started it and none of it ever made me worse, besides Maca as I mentioned. Even COFFEE would crash me a year ago, but nothing in cd’s protocol did. Just because someone crashed from taking high doses of some random brand of Tribulus, doesn’t mean it’ll crash someone else who takes a good Trib brand once every 14 days and takes a small dose. Same with Vit D. I’ve taken both for a year and never had any negative effects whatsoever.

Obviously everyone’s different and people need to be careful with what they put in their body, but scaring people away from things that will help them is ridiculous. You don’t need to use CD’s affiliate links either if you don’t want to give him money. Also, I’m just saying, I had severe PFS and CD’s stuff has only helped me. I don’t mean to be disrespectful either, just my two cents.

The whole feeling of being scared to take things in fear of making yourself worse, is in itself a symptom of PFS. Or it was for me. I had that feeling everyday as I was getting better but it eventually went away. It’s part of the PFS mental sides. Same with exercising making you worse. It made me worse every time I did it for the first six months. It made me worse in the SHORT TERM, but in the long term it made me better. Felt like death after each gym session or sprinting. Felt like I’d pass out. My legs burned if I stood up for longer than ten minutes. Still did it though, and now I’m a beast at the gym again. Can’t beat it.

EDIT: Glycine made one guy worse, so I’d avoid it if you want to try the protocol. I took it once but binned it after that just in case.


Thanks for the response! Yeah you’re right about everything. The lucky thing with me is that exercise makes me feel great. Maybe I get a bit more winded than before and little weaker, but I get the adrenaline going. I can sweat and get a pump and all that. Can I ask if you had muscle wastage or facial changes and if those went away on the protocol? If so, how long did it take?
Also do you follow every aspect of the protocol (breathing, cold showers, etc)

Hey any updates? Did you facial problems ever improve? Did CDNuts protocol work? Your story sounds the most similar to mine of any on this site– I am young as well and I crashed 3.5 weeks ago and a lot of my symptoms have improved except facial wasting and insomnia.