100% hormonal recovery, NeuroTM discrepancies, PMGs, Asparagus, Protodisoscin?, Natural SERMs?


I will say I have made a 100% hormonal recovery because I’ve gotten morning wood everyday now for about 2 months with the last week being morning wood at 95-100%. My morning erections were staying around 70% until I started eating asparagus. Not a lot, like 4-5 spears. Next morning my erection was 100%. However, it’s green asparagus. I couldn’t find a study showing green asparagus to have protodioscin content so I’m not sure why or even if it was the asparagus. That being said, about that time I also started taking orchic (testicle) PMGs. I actually have been taking various PMGs (thyroid, adrenal, liver, orchic, prostate) for a while now. It was about the time I started taking the prostate PMG that my ejaculate started to become normal. It took me 2 weeks to try it because I was afraid that that product would have some saw palmetto hidden in the ingredients. I have just started some brain PMGs (neurotrophin (brain), hypothalamus, pituitary) to see if I can get some neurological healing that way. I still have some neurotrasnmitter (NeuroTM) shortages because my sleep, while having improved, is still an issue. I also still have some depression and stress issues but they have improved somewhat.

Anyway, I’m thinking of trying some high protodioscin content tribulus or just ordering some white asparagus. If it is indeed the protodioscin in green asparagus ( which is low content) that is helping then I would like to try a bit more protodioscin in my diet. My balls still seem to be smaller that pre SP and I woiuld like to get that size back. Flaccid penis also has improved but still not my pre-SP baseline. Maybe my body is just working at 100% efficiency with a lower hormone profile which explains the morning wood?

Another question, Clomid is a SERM, correct? Anybody tried a natural SERM like ellagic acid or the seaweed E. cottonini ( I believe that is the spelling).

I still workout hard. I’ve dropped the sorghum water but I still start my morning by taking 1 mg of creatine in water. I still wait about an hour before eating breakfast because eating drops testosterone. I make sure I fast 12 hrs. I cant do any more than that because I lose too much weight. I also eat raw eggs, raw cacoa. I’ve dropped the tea and started drinking coffee but only after I’ve eaten to avoid and glucose depletion from the caffeine.

I hope this post helps you guys or at least gives some puzzle pieces.

Forgot to mention that while I get 100% morning erections it is tougher for me to orgasm and the orgasms are not as intense as before. Masterbation is not as easy either. I believe this to be a neuroTM issue as well.

I don’t know for sure if anything I did helped or it was just time but the things I did do didn’t hurt me either.


This may seem insane, but I too felt 100 % back online, as if fin never happened in my life, after eating asparagus. Theres something about it that will turn the keys back to where they belonged. Im very surprised.


How about your orgasm intensity? Is it as intense as pre-Fin? Is it still duller then before? Is it 100% back to normal? Also, thank you for this.
And… what is a PMG? @braziliandude


did the improvements last on asparagus?


Asparagus is on my mental list of foods to avoid. I’m fairly sure it’s a 5AR inhibitor, but I can’t find something to support that right now.

Does anyone know what effect the asparagus is supposed to be having on a PFS person?


It increases AR density just like tribulus. It has no anti androgenic effect whatsoever.

200g asparagus equals 1g tribulus (normal “weak” tribulus, not the ultra strong bulgarian tribulus)


I will bump this just because of the importance and i would like to hear more of the sexual side effects which @palmettohexed claimed as to be cured. Thank you again palmetto!


I am using 4 pills of tribulus without any positive effect… probably they don’t contain protodioscin and actually it is a pretty shitty brand, i think. Can you give some real potent brands?


VemoHerb and tribestan. Both ship from bulgaria. Its the real deal.


I hope you write us back. I wonder which side effects you cured with asparagus? Have you experienced shrinked genitals? If so, for how long and are they came back to normal 100% back? Thanks…


Im sorry I didnt reply, I was doing really good, I was drinking all normal, but like a dumb person I went on and used nivea moisturizer all over my body, few hours after I felt like my body was shutting down, Im feeling quite happy right now, however for the sexual part I had a set back. I was doing soo good for the past month I couldnt believe. it was if I had never had issues with fin before, well, for now Im going to give my body time and I’m confident it will bounce back. Take care !


What do you mean you were good for the past month? You claimed recovery years ago. And if you were recovered, you wouldn’t still be experimenting with hormones.


Nivea moisturiser is a problem?! Another thing on the list.


yes I feel really good, even now after my disastrous experience with the nivea cream, and I’ve been feeling good for the past 1.5 year, however, what I felt during January was 100% different than anything I felt since my crash, it’s funny because when you hit plateau, you get used to it. With that being said, I feel that during january i’ve definitely gone waay above my last plateau. it was if I never had issues with fin before. Anyway I’m not messing with hormones, never did , never will. Take care. PS: Cooper yes , I experienced shrinked genitals and lack of sensitivity. During January this year my penis was 110% back to normality, all of it. sensitivity, size, hang, soft when soft, and really hard when erect. Full blown orgasm that would knock me out for a few minutes and tons of white cum. No hard-flacid what so ever. So yes guys, its possible.


Oh my god man, it’s really nice, never heard of full sensivity recovery before. You gave us hope. I took Tribestan but nothing worked for me. I don’t know what to do.


PS: How much did you take? Have you created a detailed recovery thread man? What should i try?