$100,000 prize announced to find cure for PFS, PSSD, & PRS

RxISK is a website (a group which actively campaigns for those effected by pharma side effects). I have received a email from Dr. David Healy that is trying to raise funds and awareness for this prize. Please support: rxisk.org/launching-the-rxisk-p … dium=email

Another link to check the amount already raised: rxisk.org/prize/


They currently on $58,000. The target is $100,000


I’m not sure what’s happening with the Rxisk prize as there hasn’t been any updates and the prize fund currently stands at $61,542, the figure has hardly moved in months. Does anyone know anything about it. Donations have been open since September 2017. Maybe if they relaunch it they could make the $100,000 target.

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Just donated $100. Bump for anyone else to contribute…let’s get this prize out there.


It may be of interest to know that the prize target of $100,000 has now been met.

Which is something.

Interesting that just 192 people donated. I wonder if it would look better if 100, 000 people had donated $1 rather than 200 people donating around $500 each.


I donated a while back. Its great they finally reached the goal. Thats pretty impressive especially with such a small number donating. Somebody must have some money in that group.

Thats some pretty good motivation for some things to get figured out.
Again I dont think its out of the question that it could start with the patient.
Noone knows your body better than you do.
You need the Doctors and researchers for their tests and expertise in their field but dont assume they are going to figure this out for you.

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