10 year study of finasteride use with 500+ Japanese men

Erectile issues are mentioned with some of the folks in the study. The researcher seems to approach it from the lens that finasteride can help. Thoughts?



Would be great if you quote what part you’re refering to.

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The study is not relevant for us as it doesn’t say much about side effects, only that they were mild, which is to be expected from men taking it for 10 years. There was also no control group.

Safety Evaluation

During the study period for 10 years, no serious adverse reaction was recognized. Mild and temporary adverse reactions were recorded in 6.8% (36⁄532) of the entire study population by questionnaire. The adverse reactions were decreased libido (5.6%, n=30) and erectile dysfunction (3.0%, n=16). All adverse reactions were mild and all patients continued treatment for 10 years.

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I’m curious what time has to do with it. I took the drug for 8 years and stuff started popping up around year 4, which I realized in retrospect. Either the author focused on a positive hypothesis with finasteride or we are truly outliers. Could also mean that Japanese men may have a gene that protects them from getting PFS—hard to tell. I do however suspect that the author is advocating for finasteride rather than taking a matter of fact approach. I agree with you that there isn’t a control group and it’s not clear how participants were selected for this study.

I just mean that if they were suffering severe side effects, they wouldn’t have participated in this particular study. This just shows that people who did not get severe side effects, indeed did not have severe side effects.

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In (eastern) Asia balding is really stigmatized. Much more than the west. It’s also much more rare due to some genetic differences.

It seems balding is on the raise in Asia however for some reason. They blame stress, but I’m not buying.

Self reporting under those circumstances aren’t the most reliable.

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Japan also has abysmal birth rates, maybe their libido are tanked from fin?

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I don’t believe these studies

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