10 days into Wim Hof Method and I think this has serious potential

Wim Hof Method is a weird breathing exercise taught by a weird old man. When I looked into it, literally all of my bullshit detectors went off!

I decided to give it a chance because fuck it, I ain’t got shit to lose.

A little over 1 week in and I’m honestly pretty dumbfounded at some of the changes I’m seeing. It’s too early to make a definite call, but I’m definitely going to continue with this.

About the method:

  • Basically consists of purposely hyperventilating and then holding your breath, you get all tingly and weird after that. It also includes some yoga while breathing and some other exercises.

  • Other side consists of training yourself to relax in cold showers and like accept the cold; but this is introduced very slowly, I’m not up to the 100% cold shower point yet.

  • I’m taking the 10 week course. It usually costs 300 bucks but I just torrented it online.

  • The breathing exercises are legitimately difficult and taxing. I’m doing about 45m to an hour each day and it’s kind of rough. I’m not really much of a procrastinator but it’s a little difficult to work up the motivation to sit in one spot and breath for so long.

  • After the a full session you feel insanely relaxed. It’s actually kind of nice.

  • There’s apparently all this legit science behind the method, but I haven’t looked into it myself.

Key takeaways:

  • Sexual sides 60% recovered in the past 4-5 days.

  • Sleep is better. It’s inconsistent, but it is better.

  • Mood and energy are better.

  • Digestion is much better

  • I feel more like my old self in a lot of ways that are hard to explain.

  • I’ve been able to cut back on my T-boosting supplements and my sleep supplements. Usually when I stop taking those I spin into to a deep depression, but I’ve actually been fine.

Overall, I’m honestly quite impressed. I’d be keen to see others give it a go so we can get some sampling over here. Has anyone else tried this stuff?


Not saying this is complete bullshit but I think the only reason this has helped is because of the cold showers which increases testosterone. Cold showers has been in a lot of protocols.

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Here’s the kicker, I haven’t taken a single fully cold shower yet. I’ve only been dipping into it real slow - finishing each shower with 15 seconds of cold; and even then I missed a few days.

Furthermore, I have experimented with cold shower regimens a few times before and they definitely didn’t do this.


I’m definitely going to try this. Seems simple enough and has good reviews. Meditation has been something I wanted to start doing.

Edit: I can definitely vouch for the cold water. I regularly go swimming in cold water year round. I feel immediately significantly better when I go in and throughout the day. Swimming outdoors has been much more beneficial than cold showers, which I get some benefit from as well.

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I’ve tried wim hof and cold showers, both definitely have short term benefits, the cold showers especially. If you’re in a funk and all else is failing, try a full cold blast for 1.5 - 2 min. The feeling after is similar to when you exit a roller coaster.


I shower cold for over an year now. Doesn’t make a lot of difference


Hey Cherry,

could you please give me an update. Considering doing it myself.

I had success recovering libido from 1 out of 10 to 4 out of 10 by meditation and I always felt that the relaxation plays a big part in that. So interesting to hear that you feel so relaxed after the breathing exercises. Definitely willing to give it a shot. But would be nice to hear how you are feeling now over a month in.


Since I didn’t get a reply from Cherry to my pm and here, I looked into the Wim Hof method.

He is offering a lot of content for free which is great and why I try not to be too negative about what he is doing. But in my opinion it looks like he took a bit of meditation, cross-fit, yoga and pranayama and mashed it into a program which doesn’t teach you any of it properly. His fame comes mostly from his world records enduring extreme cold, which is easier for him because he has abnormally high levels of brown fat and therefore his records are not necessarily connected to his method.

BUT, that being said, I just recently started Pranayama and the core piece of Wims program is basically a Pranayama exercise which is supposed to be beneficial for healing. And since Wim Hof is a phenomenon with all his world records, science looked into the effects of these exercises and actually found that they influence the immune system quite effectively.

Bottom line, I started the Wim Hof method yesterday and will continue during December. If you want to follow along, it is quite easy. Here is the breathing exercise:

However, Wim doesn’t give any instructions about breathing. So if you are a poor breather (only chest), you won’t benefit fully from this exercise. In my opinion it is very important to learn how to take a full breath first. Here is the best instruction video I could find:

I am doing Wims instruction video 3 times a day, morning, noon and evening so that I do 9 rounds in total. I haven’t looked into the “cold-shower” part of it yet, but took one today and will continue. The trick is to suppress the shaking and continue breathing normally to avoid your body from getting into a state of panic. If you manage that you’ll be surprised how easy it gets.

Will keep you updated,

Day 3 update:

  • libido and sensitivity increased
  • slept 7.5 h instead of the usual 6.5 h
  • motiviation increased
  • sharpness and focus increased

Looked a bit more into the science of this. What is really interesting is the strong anti-inflammatory effect that has been shown, the reduction of auto-immune disease responses and the formation of new blood vessels. I am getting convinced that this is legit.

If you’re interested you can find the info on Wims youtube channel.

1 Week update

  • libido still increased although no change since day 3
  • sleep was bad on day 5 but then slept 9 h and 8 h which I never do
  • motivation and overall mood very good
  • muscle twitches reduced

2 week update:

I think I overdid it. The 3 cycles a day were probably too much. The heavy breathing felt very unpleasent and I felt strange, dizzy and nauseous. I stopped since two days and benefits are gone. Probably won’t continue.

I always get dizzy and have tingling sensation + tinnitus about like 15 min afterwards. Always have a great feeling tho, specially with calmness. Not so much improve with libido and erection. I can handle my work day and Im falling asleep way faster. I do it morning directly after waking up and right before bed time.

Wim Hof say that you should do it at least one month together with cold shower, training and meditation before seeing benefits but if it not working and making you worst than before I completely understand you.

I do wim hof breathing and a cold shower every day as part of my cdnuts protocol.

I just did it for the first time, 3 rounds. By round 3 my hands and face felt NUMB from the tingling, like my body was vibrating, I could feel my jaw vibrating as well.

It is quite relaxing after, I’m curious to see what happens. I suffer from cognitive sides, brain fog and anhedonia especially along with digestion issues. I’ll try this in the mornings every day and see what happens.

Keep this thread alive.


If they improved my PFS I would have mentioned it.