Will we ever recover?

I’m in my early 30s and would hope to have a kid someday, maybe a decade or so.

Do we have any hope?

You always have hope. It’s the one thing that nobody can take away from you. I was completely devastated by this poison and now I’m living functionally again and having good days, laughing, hanging out with friends and being social. My two year anniversary off of the drug will be june 15 of this year. The only thing that is stopping me from going out and bedding some woman is myself. I know I’m not quite up to par in that department yet. But it is me that is holding myself back. She doesn’t know what my unit was like before, only I do. I can have sex, but I know it’s not the way it should be, so I don’t. I’m seriously thinking of saying fuck it, just do it. But I’m going to wait a little bit longer.

Life is what you make it. Some people don’t have the stones to stick out the tough periods and want to whine and complain about how bad they have it. While that’s healthy once in awhile, its not going to do jack shit to get you back to your old self.

Time, fasting, superior diet (whether you do raw or not) Exercise, sunlight, sleep and companionship are the best things you can do for the time being. Supporting supplements help like the ones mentioned on boost-your-low-testosterone. … sters.html and can make a very big difference in your sexual encounters.

I believe you will be able to have children one day. You should too. Give it time, let yourself heal. It does get better.

Time will tell, I don’t believe it’s impossible but the longer it goes on the less confident I feel about recovering personally.

Yes you are. Im recovered.

Your sperm is still potent. You could have children today.
You just need a mate who understands and is willing to work with you. I am among the lucky, my mate completely understands.

The first two years are very harsh, but it gives you another point of view of life, with all that woman in your head, so knowing that you will recover in the long run you can also learn something new about you.

Also your first priroty is going to give you your body a better change of recoring. No more drugs of any kind.

  • Regular exercise, at first kind of everythign, later focus on exercises that boost testosterone.
  • Good life, less drinking, better eating, and eat your fast for the testosterone.
  • Try the water and dry fast that has given good results overall.

If you have stress try ashawandga! reduces cortisol and gives you a boost in testosterone.



how did you recover, what was you regieme,
or you get better with just time?