Why is B12 worsening my symptoms?

i took hydroxycobalamin for b12 treatment and didnt have symptoms

but if i were you, id be really cautious about that as well since youve already had an adverse reaction

let your body heal, theres a chance you’ll recover some if not all symptom worsoning in a few weeks or months

not sure what to do about the b12 though

your doctor may not believe you about the syptoms. if thats the case then he wont even give you other options

maybe research if b12 deficient people have healed from eating foods with b12 abundance and with other foods that have b6 in abundance

I am in a Facebook group for people with B12 deficiency, and sadly when my levels are this low, food is not enough.
And I dont really have time to wait months for the symptoms to get better. B12 can cause permanent nerve damage, and it needs to be treated, but I think I will start low and build the dose

Do you know why some people react so badly to B12

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Are you a vegan by any chance? Or how did you end up with such a defiency?

not sure why, probably because it interferes with the androgen receptor for us

if youre going to try, stay away from methylcobalamine as well

hydroxycobalamine might be a better options, but even then be safe. i dont know anything for certain

I dont know why I have this deficiency sadly

Do you know how B12 affects anhedonia? Do you also know how it affects cognition? My cognition has gotten really, really bad. I feel stupid literally.

Why is hydroxycobalamin a better option?
My GP wants me to take shots of hydroxycobalamin, they are 1000 mcg though.

i dont know the exact mechanisms

if you read the research and the paper that Axolotl wrote (its in the propeciahelp foundation’s website under research/resources or something), then you’ll see that PSSD/PFS/PAS likely suffer from androgen receptor overexpression.

because of that, whenever the androgen receptor is aggrevated, every individual with this disease will experience unique symptoms.

some people get sexual sides, others mental, some physical, and the very unfortunate get all 3. thats all i can say

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My doctor today prescribed cyanocobalamin 1,000 mcg to battle low B12 causing anemia. I’ve read this discussion, and hope I don’t regret this.

I’ll report in after a week or so on it. Jim

I’d think of one were to supplement it would be best go for hydroxocobalamin based on this study.

Major forms of B12 present in beef meat include adenosine cobalamin (AdoCbl) and in smaller quantities hydroxycobalamin (OHCbl). Major forms of vitamin B12 present in beef liver include OHCbl (48.2%), AdoCbl (33.8%), methylocobalamin (MeCbl, 16.3%), and cyanocobalamin (CNCbl, 1.7%).

Both methylcobalamin and cyano is a very small portion of naturally stored B12 in meat/liver.

Yes, also I read earlier here that the cyano- version includes cyanide. I haven’t picked the Rx up yet, and plan to call the Dr first and attempt a change. Thanks, Jim

I do have injections I can take. They are 1000 mcg hydroxycobalamin. Would that be better?

It would be a bigger dose though as all is absorbed.

Yeah that’s right, but only a tiny amount. Certain foods contain it as well. Like almonds. Don’t think the issue is from the amount of cyanide at all, but rather how the body handle the processing between the different types.

I don’t know. My best guess would be yes, but remember that it’s only a guess. I have no experience with B12 supplementation and also we with PFS seem to be quite irregular when it comes to drug / supplement exposure.

Personally if I were to use B12 I’d go for hydroxocobalamin and make it an subcutaneous injection.

I started cyanocobalamin B12 pills two days ago. Now my ankles are swollen, and my right calf is aching. Sent a message to my doctor. Anyone else experience this? Jim
Add: no response from Dr yet, only left ankle badly swollen but right calf swollen now.
Second edit: After 2 days my feet remain swollen and both calves ache (more than usual.) The Dr tells me to discontinue the B12 and see if this affects the swelling. We’ll see.

Nobody else with B12 experience has ideas on this? It’s a boring issue, but major to me. Jim

B12 should be avoided. A number of users have had bad experiences with it

And if you are to take it i would absolutey advise against getting it injected until you atleast know how you may react by taking small small doses orally


You have crashed off it sofa. Please allow yourself time to recover it won’t happen over night but it will return to baseline. Pm if you need some to talk to someone xo

Don’t mean to hijack the thread, but have you recovered from your terrible sodium butyrate induced crash? I hope you’re doing better, hippydoof.

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I am certainly better than when I was in the throws of it. I truthfully thought i was done. It was a harrowing ordeal to have your body just utterly fail like that. I’m tearing up just thinking of it. Iam able to function back at my baseline although my joints/connective tissue are markedly worse and i don’t feel that will change. Especially my lower spine now but thats another story. Im taking it as easy as possible and still walking on eggshells avoiding anything that can crash me like that again. But compared to last year I am better. Thank you Mercked for your kind words


Do not take vitamins, they’re not good for you. If you need B12 you need to get it from food. Buy some foods high in it like Nutritional Yeast and add it to whatever you’re eating.