Why do you spend money on herbs instead of harvesting wild herbs for free?

You know what you are getting with no filler/contaminants/adulterants. I feel the effects to be more potent too, plus it tastes better, and you know it is fresh instead of stale. Seriously, I cannot be the only person to think of this, can I? Some popular herbs mentioned on this site grow in my area (pine, tribulus) as well as unpopular herbs (saw palmetto, spurge nettle). What herbs grow near you? Have you ever wondered? It costs no money.

  1. We / I don’t recommend anyone taking any herbs.
  2. Depending on the area or local industries where you live, it might not be a good idea to pluck it from the wild because of possible environmental contaminations.
  3. The fact that these herbs are popular mentions doesn’t make them effective or safe in any way.
  4. Buying them saves time. Many herbs are processed in a way so that they are more easily consumed and have some degree of dosage control.
  5. Given how affordable many herbal supplements are it doesn’t save anyone that much money, considering the time it would take you to go get them and process them, really.

Other than these obvious reasons, nothing stops you from plucking your supplements from nature or growing them in your garden (I think, make sure to check your local laws on these things).

My two cents are that I think you’re better off not wasting your valuable time with it to be honest.
Unless of course it’s a highly enjoyable activity to you, I mean going out into nature and growing things are fun.

So do you or do you not use spices (basil, sage, oregano, thyme, rosemary, mint, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, saffron, nutmeg, etc) to add flavor to your meals or beverages? Some would refer to common spices as herbs too. You said you “don’t recommend taking any herbs”.

I think I focused too much on herbs. What about common vegetables and fruit? After tasting the tomatoes, strawberries, bananas, etc from my garden, I refuse to buy them from the store. You say “growing things are fun”, so you sound like you have gardening experience. Gardening is like having a pet to me. Sadly, my strawberry and tomato plants have died off.

Ah, my apologies for making negative assumptions. I thought you specifically meant supplements or other things to specifically treat PFS with. Of course I eat spices! I think it’s quite common that people have their own basil and mint plants and whatnot. Homegrown stuff is the bestest!

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