Why am I able to get nocturnal erections?

Yes I got it as fourth drug… unfortunately first they prescribed ssri it made me way more worse tried Vortioxetine it was neutral then, they give me modafinil as augmentation it immediately cured my anhedonia, brain fog and libido then changed to mph as forth.

But I recommend cabergoline it is way more better for sexual function and it is not a controlled substance. Though must be used under supervision because hearth side effects.

I see, sucks that you need to keep taking it then for libido boost.

I tried cabergoline and prami. Unfortunately libido remained at 0% on and after both.

Yes my first run I got almost no improvement on libido with cabergoline I made a break for 2 weeks restarted then I felt libido effect… but I can say that mph is way more better for libido

Interesting thread. Nocturnal erections depend on testosterone, which explains why most PFS people still have them. Spontaneous/daytime erections are related to dopamine, which is an important part of the puzzle.

@DHT mentions methylphenidate. I too have tried many ADHD medications, including methylphenidate (ritalin) and various analogs and i don’t really like how they make me feel. They hardly have any impact on my libido but for other people, they do. Methylphenidate is a dopamine reuptake inhibitor, whereas other amphetamine type drugs are dopamine and releasing agents.

I have tried quite a few research chemicals and do not encourage you to do the same. However, there is one dopamine/norepinephrine releasing agent that stands out as it’s the only thing that made me feel hypersexual, which, if you have PFS, is very welcomed as an instant (temporary) ‘fix’. It feels like it brings back the brain-penis-connection in full force. These types of drugs are mostly vasoconstrictive, causing ED, which is why i combine them with cialis.

The nature of this research chemical is known to be addictive, similiar to meth, which is why i’m not naming or promoting it. I could be doing more, potentially permament damage to the dopamine reward system so as a long term solution, this is probably not sustainable. Also, anyone familiar with the term ‘chem wank’ will probably know what i mean :slight_smile:

I do believe it could be very helpful in understanding the mechanism of our libido/erections. If anything, it shows our libido is not permanently gone and a better treatment could be possible.