Which tests should I ask from urology department?

Hi guys, just a quick question. I go to urology in a private hospital this Wednesday.

  • What tests\scans and possible preventions i can ask to the doctor and take?
  • Is there any tests to see if there is a nerve damage or other tissue damage on the penis? What is it?

I did a prostate scan years ago which turned normal, did sperm test before which turned highly normal in percentage except from the low semen volume i experience.

Maybe i should also get Doppler scan of my penis? What they do on doppler test? Does every hospital can have this option? @kan

PS: Im a mild case, trying to figure out if i have an erect penis size loss or not, i have flaccid hourglass issue time to time.

The tests you’re seeking won’t result in any treatment.

Live your life. Stop spending it wondering if you have symptoms.

Everyone here knows that they have symptoms, except for you. You think you might have.

Everyone would swap places with you.

Stop creating your own worries.


Greek i don’t understand what you are trying to do and im starting to get annoyed your underestimation of my own health problem.

Im sure about my problems and i need to get proper tests to see what is going on. I lost my penis size, are you aware of this? Do you think its normal for a 21 year old guy to lose its penis girth? And ejaculate few drips of semen when he masturbates? Can’t enjoy a proper orgasm? Jesus christ…

@Cooper, you have gone as far as saying you wouldn’t have noticed some symptoms if you didn’t read other people talking about them on this forum. You have also said that you aren’t incapacitated sexually as far as erectile performance is concerned. You have said that you are “worried” that you might have certain symptoms and have gone as far as saying you are not sure whether or not some of your symptoms are psychosomatic.

That doesn’t sound like someone who is sure of anything.

The only concern I remember you mentioning when you began dwelling in post-Accutane forums was a possibility that the drug could have stunted your growth.

You have to undestand that it makes it sound as if you are imagining symptoms. This type of behavior is exactly what we’re trying to avoid promoting on this forum.


@Dubya_B Well, im not exaggerating anything. Yes in the beginning i didn’t have those issues. Now im aware of many things. I probably didn’t notice the slow downward sexual changes in my body when i was 16. And i believe many people actually suffering from PFS, PAS mildly without knowing it, they move on and slowly lose their health, i think this is what exactly happens to these rare mild cases like me. They forget and accept the “new normal” and move on, well im not gonna do that ever. Because it goes worse by time.
My penis goes hourglass flaccid when i go to take a leak everytime, is this normal for a healthy 21 old guy? Hell no…

Although thanks to carnivore diet, it is started to fade away now. I also got my fourth weak morning wood so far. Good news aside, any tips about urology tests would be good.

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Hi @cooper,

I think what @Greek is trying to communicate is that, regardless of findings, we are not yet able to treat the underlying pathology, so until more is understood you specifically may be better off making the best of your (relatively very lucky) situation and ignoring the relatively minor symptoms you’re reporting if possible.

As to your question: You may well realise that patients are affected to very variable degrees on a site specific basis, something demonstrated anecdotally and in primary research. While pathological findings upon penile evaluation are common in PFS patients with sexual dysfunction, it not universally conclusive, and therefore in a mildly affected case like yourself may well be subclinical. However, modern doppler scans are an effective evaluation of flow pattern and pathological changes to the corpus cavernosa, spongiosum and tunica albuginea. A urologist experienced in ultrasonography and interpretation will be well placed to evaluate this for you.

I had recommended to @Kan that he seek a perineal EMG to check for denervation given the significant atrophy he had described and his previous doppler findings, which in his case provided a clear finding. If you feel you have experienced noticeable perineal atrophy this is another test to consider, however again this may be fruitless. I would echo @Greek’s concerns as to the cost/benefit of such investigations, and make sure you’re sure, as it may be a costly endeavour without much practical benefit.




Im going tomorrow morning, asking for any good advise for the last time. I will try to get the Doppler test i think. Maybe will ask to check out PSA levels in blood too. I will try to get some other answers for you guys too!

I had two ultrasound penis scans:

  1. One for the blood vessels. Result: ok
  2. One for the smooth muscle cells. Result: not ok

The blood vessel scan is useless because finasteride does not affect blood vessels. But finasteride can make smooth muscle cells die causing ed / penile shrinkage. So if possible, try to get the second one (which might be difficult; I couldnt get it in a regular hospital).

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Thanks much! What did it show on your test exactly? Is it reversible?

And important thing, do you mean ‘‘Doppler’’ penile scan by the 2? Which they gave an injection to your penis to erect and than they scan it? @dumdumdum

  • It shows dark spots and the dr says that means dead cells. See picture below (at the mouse pointer).
  • I am trying treatments but dont know yet if they help, see this post.
  • Nr 1 is definitely doppler; dont remember they said nr 2 is doppler. In both cases they first gave an injection to make the penis erect.

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Never thought I would post a picture of my penis on internet :slight_smile:


So you have dead cells in your penis? How worse was your PFS and shrinkage? I read your story now, that was a tough one. So do you remember the smooth muscle tests name? I think Doppler is only for the blood vessels.
Thanks so much for the picture and info!

Most people never imagine sending a doppler dick pick.


Just looked a bit further; in the emails they call scan nr 2 “Doppler duplex color-flow penile ultrasound”.

But I think the most important part is to ask for a scan of the tissue (smooth muscle cells), not the blood vessels. Dr Goldstein explicitly said that with pfs many urologists are scanning for the wrong thing.

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News: Turns out that i have Varicocele… doctor examined me and i did a ultrasound of testicles.
I literally don’t want to live sometimes. PAS was enough for me, now varicocele at 20 years old. Weird thing is i have never experienced any pain in my life…

I will ask for penile doppler when i go tomorrow with the other results.(spermiogram and Testesterone test) Doctor seems to understand my concerns and didn’t show any denial about PAS or PFS. Will update.

Allright, i have a problem. My doctor refuses to give me a Doppler scan! What kind of a shit is that? He says my penis looks allright and there is no plaque formation and refuses to give me 30 min simple doppler test… Im so angry, i will talk with my doctor tomorrow about the other results. I will try to force him to give me the test.

How the hell am i suppose to get this test? When i come to my 30’s and when my penis filled with dead cells? He is listening me but gives no information. He thinks im fine… I am not fucking fine, i have a god damn bend and dents in my penis. How am i suppose to make him convince? Medical system sucks:


The doctor expelled me from his room 30 minutes ago because of no reason. I kept trying to tell him about PFS calmly and intellectually. He didn’t even wanted to listen. He said “get out, i have patients waiting”. I wrote a complaint form about him and entered his room after and said that he has been rude, how nice i am, he should literally deserves to die. Fuck doctors like this, it was a private hospital! I hate life, i hate people, i hate doctors, i hate this system. He thinks im totally fine just because im clinically in the sperm range… fuck this shit.

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What do you aim to achieve once this scan validates your concerns?

Yeah man unfortunately most doctors think we are all crazy when in reality they are the crazy ones

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