Where can I get Andractim or AndroHard?


Hey guys,

I’ve been looking through all kinds of forums and the internet, where in the world can I find either of the following products? They are everywhere on the internet but can’t find an actual purchase link.

#1 Andractim - DHTCream. dhtcream.com](http://dhtcream.com/ - everywhere it is sold out.

#2 AlphaHard by Forerunner labs - Sold out everywhere.

I would really like to order Adractim overseas, does anyone have a link?


I don’t know if anyone here will know, but presumably the manufacturers will know where you can buy that stuff.


Hi Scott
Ive had a look around but everywhere ive looked myself it’s out of stock.
Can i ask if you are using this for the sexual issues related to finasteride ?
Does this work ?

Ive tried injecting testosterone 2ml 500mg test enth it didn’t help at the time but that was some time ago I’m considering doing a cycle again to see if it helps.
Ironic thing is i used Finasteride to combat hairloss due to injecting test in the first place now im hoping test will help with errections and libido …


That is ironic, yea I’m not too keen on injecting testorone as my test is already pretty good. I just visited Dr. Goldstein and he said that he’s used Andractin successfully before. The idea is to use a very small dose to see how your body reacts. and then use it in weekly cycles (no every day). It can have a major effect, and some on this forum swear against it.

Since my DHT is low and my Test is high, I would like to try it. But it is NOWHERE. Where in the world can I pick up some DHT gel?? ANYONE?


What else did DR Goldstein say mate
Their are soooo many conflicting things on here its unbelievable ive tried a stack load of protocols supplements and drugs to no avail.
Would you please let me know what the experts are saying im not in a position to see this doctor myself.
I’m waiting for a appointment with a urologist fingers crossed he can help me and i will pass info on to others.


Hey @Baz44uk,

I feel you buddy, it’s a bit of a shit show up in here. But every once in awhile I come across something good that provides some real value.

I actually gave a pretty lengthy breakdown on Dr. Goldstein in my story post over here: Scott's Story - Age 31, loss of everything

But I can continue some thoughts - Overall, besides being very nice, the man doesn’t really have any insight into how to fix us. He seems to use a ton of conflicting protocols himself - it just depends on what your particular ailment is. My experience with doctors has been largely disappointing, everyone seems to want to attack it as a hormonal imbalance issue; and while there are people out there where hormone supplementation will help, it’s pretty much clear at this point that the root of our issue isn’t a mere hormone or two. Dr. Goldstein showed me a chart of all the enzymes that Finasteride actually affects. It’s much much more than just 5ar reductase conversion of T into DHT, there are plenty of other enzymes that get suppressed/irrevocably damaged which, in turn, creates a whole cascade of downstream effects (including the potential for hormonal imbalance). DHT is responsible for the smooth muscle wall of the penis, and when that gets damaged you lose your penile structure. Your prostate size and strength is affected, as well as it’s ability to produce the hormones needed for libido and sexual appetite. The altered Allo levels cause a bunch of issues with GABA and the ability for the brain to calm and relax itself, as well as having links to dopamine which affect libido, motivation, and pleasure. The downstream effects also affect the gastro-intestinal system, as well as fundamental aspects of the body like forming correct levels of essential/non-essential amino acids. The FDA really screwed the pooch on approving this drug, and the problem is Merck is so unbelievably rich, that they are able to drown out any outcry.

In terms of what to do, I really can’t say. What appears to be close to fact now based on studies (and plenty of discussion on this forum), is that Finasteride use drastically increases the AR receptor expression throughout the body (particularly in the penis), preventing the hormonal pathway from working when DHT levels return to normal after finasteride use. It would seem that if we are able to downward express the AR receptor to the point of where it was before Finasteride use, we might have a fighting chance at getting our receptor/androgen levels back to balance and have them fire like they are supposed to again. But of course, there are plenty of other issues that are probably at play. Goldstein also mentioned the fact that finasteride might have altered the ability for the body to correctly synthesize 5AR reductace enzyme - it can create it, but the use of FIN has altered it’s compound, and now it doesn’t work in the same way it used to. Also, he mentioned that Finasteride turns into Dihydra-finasteride which takes the place of DHT during use, and stays in the body for months after the cessation. The problem here is that blood tests might show certain DHT levels (and even the rare test of 5ar reductase levels) - BUT the test is actually seeing an incorrectly ‘built’ DHT or 5ar enzyme. So it would show levels as being fine, but in fact the test is actually measuring a frankenstein form of what it’s actually trying to test. All of the same can be said for the other enzymes Finasteride affects as well…

The Baylor study should hopefully (praying) shed some true light on this, but when asking Dr. Goldstein, he seemed very reluctant in thinking the study is going to really blow up the thinking on our syndrome, and prove some new insight - particularly to the point that we are able to find a cure. What’s been discovered thus far seems pretty clear and apparent to him, and he is simply able to give us things that will help, but not cure our syndrome.

In order to downward express the receptor, I’ve been told certain things like heavy doses of soy flour may do the trick. There are other ideas as well. But of course, they are all theories. It would just be nice if we had once had a real recovery that was documented and shown the precise science of how it took place. These crackpot recovery posts have created a lot of heart-break around here - I’d be surprised to hear if anyone out there has actually had some serious long-term effects by copying any of them.


But seriously, where in the world can I find DHT gel (Andractim) or AndroHard? ANYONE OUT THERE??? :slight_smile:

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I’m looking for some too man!! Lmao


Thankyou Scott.H
Really informative reply I appreciate your effort explaining everything that Dr Goldstein has gone through with you and all put across without getting overly scientific and dragging study after study into the equation.
I’m sure your reply will help alot of people understand things more clearly .

Thanks mate appreciated


Hello Scott, the BESINS Laboratory informs us that Andractim will be back on the market in January or February 2019.


Did dr say this would help brother ?


It really depends, if you simply can’t get your DHT levels up. The Dr. Goldstein does recommend this as a treatment option. It helps for gyno and if you penis has really lost a lot of structure in it’s smooth muscle walls. IF you already have sky high DHT, probably not the best call though. Look at your T to DHT ration as well, if you T is consistently much higher than your DHT, then the mechanism that convert T into DHT is still broken. In this case, you might benefit from DHT gel according to doctor. Just be exceptionally careful and use very small doses to see how your body reacts first. A search on this forum will show you the wild reactions people have had, both bad and very good.


Thanks @lacreland21 - how did you find out this information?


I called the lab and the Medicines Agency.


Can they be ordered no prescription tho ?


What is a good T/DHT ratio??? In numbers, I mean.


@lacreland21 @Scott.H do you guys know about this yet ?


Nope, I find it so hard to believe that there isn’t ANYWHERE I can get DHT gel. Seems kinda suspicious.


If it does get back into that site that guy posted in Jan or feb would we need a prescription do you think ?


Has anyone found andractim gell? My order from mcentic just got canceled