What do to do in a short term period?

Hi all,

I only want to speak shortly about my case : 10 years of propecia and now 3 years of continual side effects. I’m close to lose my job and my private life is very complicated.

So, here is the fact :
I know that recovery (if it exists) can take a very long time. How will it take for me ? again one year of suffering ? 2 years …5 years ?

My question is basic because I need to fight against anxiety and major stress symptoms, I need a short term therapy : what about taking benzodiazepine or SSRI ? I refuse these medications for 3 years but now, I begin to be clearly open minded to all solutions.
Even If it is a chemical solution… ( as it is a chemical treatmant which made me sick).

Thank you for your answers,

Hi Damien,

May I ask to take the survey. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this condition, very few effective treatments for its symptoms and no guarantee that you will recover over time. In fact, plenty of people have been suffering for over a decade. Hence, research is desperately needed to understand this condition and to develop effective treatment. The data generated from the survey will help us to initiate more research. That’s why we need as many people as possible to contribute,

See here for more information: Post-Drug Syndrome Survey FAQ. Survey NOW LIVE - Please Participate

With regard to your questions, please avoid SSRIs. The staff of this forum consider it very probable that they induce the same condition (termed PSSD). With SSRIs you run a very high risk to get worse.

Benzos, of course, have their own problems with addiction and withdrawals. Be careful with them.

I know this is not very helpful, but it is the situation that we are facing. Maybe someone else has a different alternative or has been able to use Benzos carefully yet effectively.

Kind regards,
Northern Star



thanks for your reply.
For sure, I fulfill the survey now.

I’m going mad with all my symptoms whith no improvment for 3 years.
Hopefully my sole chance is not to be depressive ( “only” severe severe stress/anxiety syndrom) : I understand that trying to recover from PFS asks …an incredible amount of time ,energy and a sometimes a full modification of our habits. It is crazy to find energy to save our life but it is necessary.

Well, I will avoid SSRIs but I can not afford to avoid benzo ( I take really care about the use)

Kind regards,