What are my chances?

Yeah, entirely sexual, no primary mental side effects (aside from secondary ones caused by my impotence) and still feeling physically fit.

You are lucky. Most recoveries are from people with only sexual sides.

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dont worry if your only having sexual sides, your a young buck.
the chances are in your favor on this one, my guess is you wont come back ever again to this forum in a month or 2. EDIT: I’ve read your posts, you havent taken finasteride, so I give you a 95% chance at full recovery.

@WorriedGuy123 and me on the other hand are more likely to not fully recover from this!


Well almost all my symptoms are also dick/sexual related and after 4 years I’m still a mess.
Although I have hope I will recover 1 day, but I don’t think it will be in a month or 2. But yeah there is definitely a chance you will recover.

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I’m sorry you’re still suffering, but if it makes you feel better, Casual and I envy you and OP. I’m in pain most days, and low libido is the last thing on my mind.


Hello. Get well! I am in a similar situation but with no sexual side effects, just insomnia and some dizziness…
I am new. Without any intention to divert the topic, let me leave this here: What do you think about my symptoms?

Thank you so much ^.^

You have a good chance of a full recovery. Stay strong

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That’s reassuring to hear, is there anything I should do to aid recovery for now? Or just wait and see?

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Eat healthy and do exercise, just wait it out. That’s the best advice


what did this sentence bring to man? other than nocebo


Oh I’m sorry, didn’t know it was better to lie to stay positive then to be realistic.
Well I guess I’ll change it then, what I should have said was:

I think you will recover within a week, and if not… well I guess stay positive…

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I recommend you to research. what is nocebo, what is placebo. If your goal is to do good, you should give hope. Understand ? Really easy to understand. Just try to think a little

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Agreed, a negative mindset will only hinder recovery and makes symptoms worse by means of nocebo. I feel more positive after reading what people here have said, and whether it takes me a week or a year to get better, I will overcome this.

But why do you ask in a ‘‘general discussion’’ what your chances are?
I assume you want a realistic answer and not people to hold your hand.
Because if you want someone to tell you it’s all gonna be alright based on nothing you should have made a thread in the ‘‘coping’’ section.

And Yedek… cmon dude… ‘‘if my goal is to do good I should give hope…’’
I’m not here for hope my man, I’m here to get better, I am using myself (like many others here) as a test subject and am testing various supplements and medicine to see if it has any effect.
The results of those ‘’‘studies’’ am I gonna share, the good results and the bad ones. So you don’t have to test it on yourself.

So naah I am not gonna give you hope based on nothing like the doctors do, I will give you hope based on my results.

So here it is Mr. Northumbrian.

There is a chance you will get better, how big that chance is I don’t know.
What I do know is the younger you are the better your chance is.
Why do I think there even is a chance? Because of various results when testing, some people get better (for a while) when testing some medicine. So that is basically the best ‘‘hope’’ I can give you.
Also technology moves forward at a rapid rate these days, so maybe in a couple years doctors will have machines that can test our bloodlevels on such a level which can tell us exactly what is wrong with is.
But I expect someone on this forum to come up with the solution earlier then that.

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I’m new here so forgive me if I posted in the wrong section. I’m not really looking for comfort, just looking for an objective unbiased view regarding my chances of a shorterm recovery based upon my age, severity of current symptoms, etc. my family and friends are already telling me I’ll be okay in one week, but I am aware that may or may not be the case. Though I’m staying positive regardless.

I understand it’s a waiting game now, and my main hope now is just that things don’t get any worse tbh. I will post a further update in July or August.


There is no statistic on how many people make it out in the first couple months, so we can’t say anything reasonable about chances. Unless hundreds more will participate in the survey I think we’re going to stay in the dark for a while regarding any quantitative information on PFS.

I think that the fact you are able to get relatively strong nocturnal and morning erections is a very good sign, and recovery may come to you once your anxiety and initial shock have subsided.

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I didn’t intend to return here for some time, but I’ve got some major updates: sexual sides continue to very slowly improve. Morning erections are consistent and back to normal, though daytime erections are still gone and libido is still very low (though ever so slightly better than before).

What’s worrying me is that I started experiencing bad joint pain today in my knees, my left knee is especially painful and clicks when I move it and I’m basically housebound now. I also seem to have developed the constipation/“poo pellet” issue.

Stop all vitamins that you are taking.

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Stopped all vitamins last week.