Water fast. Currently on Day 4


I’m trying a 10+ day water fast and I’m currently on Day 4. The 2nd day was the hardest for me.

I have a question. It seems like my prostatitis symptoms have gotten much worse today (have to pee frequently, pain in urethra, etc.) but is this normal part of the water fast? I understand your immune system dies down from lack of outside food but isn’t it supposed to rebuild? I’m contemplating on whether to stop the water fast prematurely if this prostatitis symptom is gonna be like this.


I did three 48 hour water fasts last year and after the third one the pain in my testicles went and never came back. I’ve also heard of a guy whose symptoms all lifted after 6 days of water fasting. It’s not easy but water and fasting and the carnivore diet are the only two things I’ve noticed that have improved things.