Update: still completely recovered, raging libido for the last four years

We’ll have to disagree, because I definitely don’t think that my mental changes including loss of drive, brain fog, numb d*ck with structural changes, recurring gyno etc. happens to be depression which coincidentally started a few weeks after dropping Finasteride. Along all those things I can also lift weights, walk 7 kilometers per day, hold a job and ride a motorcycle. Does that mean I don’t have PFS?

Hopefully it should be apparent by now that there are various degrees and severities of PFS. I don’t think I deserve to be marginalized because I have less severe symptoms. Maybe I’m not as damaged as the worst cases here, but my symptoms are still very real and bother me to a significant extent - I wouldn’t be here otherwise.


i have the same symptoms speacially with somgs goose bumbs and pelvic floor goes into a spasm.

Its such nonsense man, everybody gets its differently for some reasons, and i bet there is an explantion. I got severe sexual sides, but my
body is in the best shape he as ever been. Growing mucels faster than ever and still competitive athlete.
And of course, no mental sides as far as i know.

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I’m pretty sure we have different syndromes.

Maybe because you took AI and i took finasteride.


It is well appreciated at this point that PFS patients are not uniform in their symptom presentation with severity and type varying, sometimes significantly, between patients.

Post-Finasteride Syndrome

Post-Finasteride Syndrome is a life-altering disease occurring rarely following therapeutic use of a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor such as Finasteride. PFS encompasses serious physical, neurological, and sexual symptoms of variable severity and distribution.

Heterogenous presentation: Differing symptoms and severities across patients with variable site-specific involvement.

Some previous discussion on why this might be

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No, I never took AI in my life. I just took antidepressant and Tribulus

I thought that the “A” next to your name stands for AI, but i think we got our answer.

I always had both high DHT and high 3alpha-diol G in my blood test, but full PFS symptoms normal T, high SHBG, and very low free T. A Low/High DHT in your body is a consequence, but NOT the main CAUSE of PFS

What explains this? I thought our DHT should be low as 5 alpha reductase is inhibited?

There’s no evidence at the moment to suggest that 5AR is inhibited. It’s also not a plausible explanation for the plethora of symptoms experienced to various degrees by many members of the forum.


Have you considered that the correlation to pathogens may occur only due to the immune system and cytokines which affects hormonal levels? Metronidazole may work (temporarily) because it’s an immune suppressor, same as other things such as methylprednisolone. Many people had a temporary remission during a flu or similar. Digestive health helps in general, because all the nervous connections from the GI tract to the body, like the vagus nerve, but it’s not sufficient to cure PFS. As far as I know there is no whatsoever evidence that PFS is related to specific pathogens, but PFS may be in part an autoimmune condition

In my opinion, PFS is an error in the androgen receptor. Basically our bodies can’t use testosterone.

A similar thing happens to some people after taking an AI, but with estrogen.


Man, crazy how the foundational issue that I thought we all agreed (fin, accutane, saw palmetto, etc. being 5aris) on could actually be wrong.

I have full blown PFS from Minoxidil.


I wish more people would read this study, PFS from Minoxidil is possible. This is one of the most comprehensive studies on what these drugs are actually doing to us from a transcriptional level.

Yeah I’ve changed my stance since that post for sure lol

Why is that? I tried Tryptophan and Tyrosin and felt pretty anxious on them. Still not recovered.

Does anyone know how I can order the exact Tribulus which OP mentioned ( Standard process) outside of the US?

Regarding 11-keto-dht I think is the ideal labs? Well I tried that, and one day was super alfa, girls noticed me more and I was more or less a man, this was in the super estrogenic days of pfs that I had.

Its possible you need to contact them by your doctor and make an account by your doctor, in some of their affiliates sites, there is one un UK I think.