Trazodone can be cure if used correctly

I saw a successful psychiatrist in his job. He was aware of pfs, pas and pssd. He said he had a protocol to treat this condition. He prescribed me trazodone. 25mg / day first week, 50mg / day second week and then 100mg / day. He said that if I continue at 100mg for 1-2 months and don’t have sex or masturbation (this is important) I will recover. I took 25mg to try. The next day I have feelings and libido. However, I am afraid of what I have read so I will not continue for now. I thought you should know this.

Man this drug is toxic on many levels. The mcpp metabolite is toxic, and this shit probably affects the 3a-HSD enzyme just like SSRIs do.


the doctor was very assertive

people get pssd from trazodone


Yes, my doctor was also very ambitions in pushing these toxic drugs down my throat. You know why? Because they get paid for doing it


It brought me new permanent sides. You’re playing with fire


what is your new sides my friend

@yedek1 I was still trying to hold onto my career 2 years ago so was desperate. The GP prescribed me a low dose.(can’t remember exactly) it out me to sleep for 4 hours the first night but I woke covered in sweat with a boner. 2nd night I woke again after the same amount of time. The bed felt like it was elevated and bouncing. It was from a pounding heart. If I hadn’t been so physically fit I could have had a heart attack. The next day I felt terribly cold and lost the feeling in my hands and feet. Despite stopping immediately these sides remain today. Basically trazadone damaged my autonomic system. Hope your keeping as well as poss mate

Oh man, thats heavy shit… So sorry for you about this. How long since this happened? So you lost sensitivity from your hands and feet? Or total numb?

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I’d be very careful using Trazodone …It was ok when I used it briefly , didn’t cause any major problems that I can remember but I’d be cautious all the same .

Just a question …if SSRIs like Paroxetine and Sertraline reactiviate 3a hydroxy steroid in the brain surely that’s a good thing as this will modulate Allopregnanolone ?
What’s the mechanisms within SSRIs that’s causing the problems with PSSD ?

Trazodone made u feel somewhat better becoz it is an antiandrogen, plus it’s effect on brain…horrible. U will crash on it just in a blink of an eye. Severe anhedonia and suicidal thoughts given by these drugs are well known and how can u even trust a doctor like that without even doing any research on it ! These drugs must be banned for mankind.

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@Finfina 2 years ago mate I’ve got so much worse since then. I have 3 pages worth of sides. My thyroid is getting hit very hard at the moment. I woke up during the night at 2am from a nightmare, pissing litres, pains in my lower back, numb down my right side with tingling , raging tinnitus, extreme anxiety, physically weak, bleeding gums, feels like I’ve been punched in the throat, can’t touch my adams apple. This is how my day starts. I dont know how I keep going but I do. Its unbelievable what this can do yet it’s still being sold. Sorry in answer to your question it feels like when youve sat on your hand and the feeling goes, also very cold to the touch, same with my nose and pecker. I see you were on fin quite a while and been off it a few years now, has anything improved at all for you.

Are u able to work sir? Like…are u able to function? I am a severe case myself (physically, mentally somewhat better) but i’ve no other option but to force myself to work and to act normal.

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@anon74895881 not really it’s like being in a storm of negative emotions fight, flight, anhedonia etc. No dopamine, Gabba etc getting through. I spend my time on stage acting, pretending as best I can to behave how I used to be with people. My veil has slipped many times and most have deserted me. Its very tiring so having the smallest circle is probably better for me. My life is around damage limitation. While I remain alive there is hope. The volunteer work brings something to my life, zero stress and meeting different people from all walks of life who don’t expect to see the old me. Is your work demanding? What has improved? I only left work 2years ago come March. I’ve had developing PFS since 1998 with the last 8 being very difficult. Cognitive decline was laid bare many times in meetings, my decisions, behaviours lack of astuteness. It just got too much and I had to put my survival first. Not having that pressure has given me less to worry about. I still miss the place, of who I was and what I could do

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I feel so identified that it even scares me, I also suffer from many sides, such as bleeding gums that I have seen that is rare, pain in the lower part of the back, I can hardly exercise, and what you say about cunning … I have better and worse days, but I have lost my lucidity, and it scares me that I will never recover it, I see a case very similar to yours and it makes me sad to see that you have not managed to improve, have you tried another doctor or protocol like HCG?

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@Hadenought hello my friend, it is very scary to be this far down the road!!! There are a few others in this unlucky position. I’ve seen many doctors and consultants and continue to knock on doors. I haven’t tried HCG everything scares me as trying things has only brought me pain and disaster often after a brief uplift. I could not take another drop!!! I’ve returned to fasting this time for 40 hours and it seems to have reduced my anxiety hell slightly and is not dangerous. My next one is due Wednesday so I’ll see where that takes me. PM if you want to talk off line. Someone who has the same sides! However Metformin is intriguing me. The only thing that doesnt feel that dangerous, I have diabetic like sides, it reduces T, which seems to help me and it’s a demethylator 'anti ageing !!!

Don’t do it if you not want to play russian roulette. Trazodone ruined my life and that from many others.

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